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How To Clean Your Home When It’s a Hopeless Disaster

How to Clean Your Home When It's Messy

Reading this may not be for you if you consider yourself to be organized most of the time. NO WAY. This is for the many people that feel absolutely hopeless when faced with a messy home.

I want to share some good advice on how you could move forward with how to clean your home when it’s messy and when you feel hopeless by the mess around you.

Where To Start Cleaning 

When I say ‘disaster’ I don’t mean something that just happened temporarily and you have to clean it up. It’s not about cleaning up after a recent dinner party with friends for example. No – it’s a disaster all around you. The big messy kind of disaster.

It’s when you have let junk and clutter take over your space. You can’t see the kitchen counters because of all the paper clutter and whatever else. There are piles of laundry in the living room and you can’t find what you need for dinner in the pantry.

If you stop for a moment and look around, you probably feel ashamed. At the same time, you also don’t know where to start.
You feel hopeless.
It’s THAT kind of mess I’m talking about.
I’ve witnessed people living in that kind of mess – and it ain’t pretty.
It’s much easier to keep your home clean than trying to clean it when it’s a hopeless disaster.
But, if you’re living in what seems like a hopeless disaster at the moment, I totally get it, and I have a way out for you.

Here are 2 Things You Could Do…

If you find that your home is in such a mess that you feel stressed, consider asking for help. It’s totally okay to ask a friend to help out or hire some help. Giving up some of the control can actually alleviate some stress.

One thing to keep in mind is that dealing with the disaster of a mess may not be enough.

You may need to get control of your clutter which is usually a big part of the problem.
It’s the only way to NOT feel hopeless by all that stuff around, mess and all.

If your home is SO OFTEN stuffed with clutter and untidy, check out, the Clear The Clutter Step-By-Step Guidebook. I created it after going on a decluttering spree myself. I was tired of all the extra stuff that surrounded me. My newly decluttered home and resulting uplifted spirit inspired me to write the guidebook.

It was created for people like you and I who feel overwhelmed and need step-by-step directions to take control of our mess and be more at peace.

This guidebook is right for you if any of the following is true:

  • You are constantly misplacing things and spend way too much time looking for things.
  • You are embarrassed to have your friends and family over because of the mess and so you hardly ever invite them over.
  • You never feel like you have enough TIME to spend peacefully at home with your family because you are stressed with the state of your home.

If you need some help with how to handle your clutter and organization, you can currently get a discount (over 50% off) on the guidebook here.

Another thing you could do if you don’t particularly want to ask for help or receive any guidance to deal with your clutter, you can try and handle the chaos on your own.

Here’s a strategy on how to do it.
Using one empty laundry basket or box, randomly choose and place five misplaced items into the box.
Don’t make it complicated. Just pick 5 things.
Then, go through the basket or box, holding each item at a time, and ask yourself, “where does this belong?”
Do you have a specific place where it usually goes? Can you DONATE the item or is it trash?
Grab a box that you could use to place items that will be donated when it is full.
Once your basket or box used to collect your misplaced items is empty, start again (if time allows).

You can even get your kids to help out and make a game out of it. Have them help you pick 5 items that are misplaced and help you put the items away (if possible).
This strategy works! AND it’s not overwhelming. Just 5 items at a time.
Rinse and repeat.
Once you’ve got through most of the mess, you can deal with cleaning up the dirt. 

When you get to the point of dealing with the dirt, don’t neglect the bathtub which needs a good bathtub scrubber so you don’t break your back while cleaning!

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