Clear The Clutter Guidebook

Clear The Clutter Step-By-Step Guidebook


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Clutter In Your Home?

Do you feel that no matter how much you organize, your home always looks like a mess?

Go from chaos to calm ~ declutter faster than you think with my “Clear The Clutter Step-By-Step Guidebook”.

Inside the Guidebook you’ll learn and get:

  • All about going on a decluttering spree: what it is, why it’s better than slowly decluttering, PLUS tips & tricks to get the most out of a decluttering spree.
  • How to prepare BEFORE decluttering to ensure you have a successful decluttering session!
  • The process of how to declutter, the areas to declutter (in order), plus what to do about your own problem areas.
  • Common areas that will get you stuck and what to do about it.
  • 7 habits you MUST follow to keep your clutter away once you’ve decluttered.
  • ‘121 Things To Declutter’ Checklist to keep track of your decluttering efforts.
  • More worksheets included: Preparing For Your Decluttering Spree Worksheet, Organizing Items Wishlist, and a Decluttering Reflection Worksheet.

                            30 pages, no fluff guidebook delivered in PDF format.


Clear the Clutter Guidebook



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