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28+ Ways To Declutter and Organize Practically Everything At Home

Declutter and Organize Everything, kitchen items

Whether you’re looking to declutter or get organized, here you’ll find ways to declutter and organize everything you can think of for your home and life. Some of the ideas are from the blog here and others are found around the web. 

Kitchen organization, bathroom organization, organizing kid stuff and decluttering just about anything to name a few ideas found here.


Need to get rid of stuff before you can start organizing? Get motivated by the decluttering ideas that you could do little by little or in one full swoop.

14 Best Decluttering Books That Will Change Your Life

best decluttering books available, book on bed

If your’e really looking for help on decluttering and would love to actually read a book on the topic, consider some of the best decluttering books available online and in book stores. Check out the best decluttering books here.

34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

declutter entire life

Okay maybe these ideas won’t de-clutter your ‘entire’ life but it sure can really make a big difference to your life and stress levels.Not all of these ideas from the Buzz Feed blog may work for you in your home depending on your lifestyle, but you sure can take a few concepts and use them as you see fit.

To view all 34 ideas to helps you de-clutter your life, click the link here….34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life.

How To Start Decluttering Your Home

start decluttering

Clutter is a big problem in many homes. Sometimes it gets so bad that it can cause a lot of stress. Who wouldn’t feel bad seeing all the newspapers and magazines, among others, just lying around?

Tips from Little House on the Valley show how you can easily de-clutter your home. The blogger provides tips on how to handle clutter and keep it under control. If you want to know how to declutter your home, click the link here…How To Start Decluttering Any Room In Your Home.

Kitchen Organization

Here you’ll find various ways to get your kitchen organized, even without a pantry.

How To Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry, pic of a kitchen

If your kitchen is small you may have limited pantry space or no pantry at all. You can make it work by using some good organization ideas. You can check out this article on how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry

Baby Food Jars Into Spice Jars

4 oz baby food jars could serve as spice jars very nicely and you could save yourself from having to buy those usual skinny spice jars. Having them in a drawer that you could just open up and see them all at once is so great!


Pantry Organization Project

While everyone has different organizing needs you can still use organizing project details to get inspired to do your own organizing.  

See the details on how Taryn from Design, Dining, and Diapers blog, organized her pantry (like in the photo above) at the link below…Pantry Organization Project.

16 Pantry Organization Ideas (You’ll Wish You’d Thought Of)

16 Pantry Organization Ideas

Your pantry is one of the easiest places to get messy rather quickly.

If you know a few tips and tricks you can however, keep your pantry organized and have what you need on hand without much fuss. The One Crazy House blog shares 16 great ideas to organize your pantry. You can get all the details at the link here…16 Pantry Hacks.

27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen

27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen

A few clever ideas and you can have your kitchen organized with all your little items and gadgets in a way that fits your small kitchen. Of course, it’s best to declutter by discarding the items you could live without.

See the link below from buzzfeed to see 27 lifehacks that you can use to organize your tiny kitchen….27 Lifehacks For Your Tiny Kitchen.

The Ultimate Menu Board For Easy Meal Planning

The Creative Mama blog shares the ultimate menu board for easy meal planning. It takes some upfront work to setup but once it is done, planning your meals each week will be so quick to do, relieving you of stress, saving you money with meals planned out instead of wasted food, and saving you time.

Organizing Kid Stuff

It’s always a good idea to get kids involved with doing chores around the house and help keep things organized. You’ll also find ways to organize all the kid stuff around the house.

Cat Inspired Chore Chart For Kids

This cat inspired chore chart for children is a great idea to get kids to do chores at home. It is a cute idea that kids can help craft to make their own cat. You can use a pay incentive if you’d like or any other treat incentive.

From the ‘Alison Artisan’ blog, follow the link below so you can see how to put this craft together and get inspired to make one with your kids…Cat Inspired Chore Chart.

25 Home Organizing Ideas For Back To School

home organizer

It’s nice to work or study in a room that’s well-organized. When kids are back in school, implement any of these home organization tips from to help them transition to a new school year.

Tips range from using a shoe organizer to store school supplies and making a whiteboard family calendar, to having a morning checklist put up on the bathroom door to remind everyone of what they need to bring. The original link was removed by the blogger but you can still get back to school organization ideas from their site here.

50 Clever DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Kids’ Rooms

50 Clever DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Kids Rooms

You can easily have your kids’ rooms organized if you use some smart ideas to get the job done.

The DIYnCrafts blog presents 50 clever DIY storage ideas that are easy to do even kids can help. You can see all the great ideas at the following link…50 Clever DIY Storage Ideas To Organize Kids’ Rooms

Daughter’s Bedroom Organizing Project

Kids accumulate a lot of stuff over the years and from time to time it is necessary to do a good clean out and organize.

At the Joyful Homemaking blog, you can see how a mom organized her daughter’s bedroom from start to finish. You can see all the details by clicking the link…Daughter’s Bedroom Organizing Project

Garage and Car Organization

Here are both garage and car organization ideas.

Organizing The Garage (Project)

This garage organizing project comes from the All Things Heart and Home blog. Seeing this project, it seems to me there are still a lot of other things in that people have in their garage that needs organizing, but nevertheless, I thought this project was a good start in organizing a garage space and could give you some ideas.

By clicking the link, you could see the ideas behind this project…Organizing The Garage Project

Clever Storage Ideas For Organizing Your Garage

garage storage

Keeping your garage organized is not as hopeless as it sounds. Any investment–whether time or money–you put into organizing it will be worth it. After all, who needs the headache of not finding what you’re looking for when you need it most?

Handyman has an article on how to keep your garage organized. There are different storage suggestions given, from making custom-built wall shelves to re-purposing old plastic bottles for storage. To get ideas on how to organize your garage, read the article at the link here…Custom garage storage 


10 Genius Ways To Organize Everything In Your Car

organize everything in your car

If you and your family travel often in your vehicle, it’s important to have your car stocked yet organized for easy access of your items. If you don’t travel often, an organized area to place your grocery bags is quite convenient.

You can get this idea for organizing your car from the Instructables site when you visit the link below…Truck Shelf To Organize Everything In Your Car.

Organizing Everything Else

There is so much more to organize besides what was already mentioned above. Here are various organization tips.

A System For Organizing Your Paper Files

Leah over at the Simply Fabulous Living blog shares a good system to organize your files at home. This is how I organize my files too except mine are in a filing cabinet locked with a key. I love the idea of color coding. The project details of doing this are all broken down easily into steps so you can replicate this idea for yourself if you’d like.

To follow this paperwork organizing idea, click the link below…Organizing Your Paper Files

How To Organize Your Photos

It seems that gone are the days of hard cover photo albums. You still may have them but it is now more common to use digital photos. The problem is that they can easily be cluttering your computer hard drive. Find out about one way you can organize all your digital photos by clicking the link...Organizing Your Photos

30 Brilliant Organizing Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Update: The link to this specific post is no longer available. The owner of this blog has taken down the site.

The Beautifully Bella Faith blog shares 30 brilliant organization tips, tricks and ideas. You will see a photo with a description of each. Some of them will make you think..”why didn’t I think of that?!”. While some of the ideas may not work for you in your home or with your style, some of them may work for you.

Click the link below to see all the 30 possible organization ideas….30 Brilliant Organizing Tips, Tricks, & Ideas

27 Useful Ways To Hide The Litter Box

The Buzz Feed Website shares 27 neat ways that you can hide that litter box that is not very appealing to the eyes, especially for guests. The great thing about this post is that you can pick and choose from the one that suits your  taste and could work in your own home. One size does not fit all so it is great to have a variety of options.

Click the link below to see all 27 Useful DIY Solutions…27 Ways To Hide The Litter Box

50 Brilliant and Easy Storage Ideas For Your Home

50 Brilliant Storage and Easy Storage Ideas For Your Home

As almost everybody knows, stuff can quickly accumulate and clutter our home. Before we know it, we’ll have too many things lying around the house, and the only way to make our home spic and span again is to get rid of everything.

There’s one thing you can do, though, before you start emptying your house of the various items, become better at storing them. Listotic has shared 50 easy and cheap storage ideas for your home, from using stackable wine racks for your office and craft supplies, to using a paper towel holder, a soap box, a closet organizer, and more to organize your items. To find out how you can improve your home organizing skills using these storage ideas, see the link below…50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

53 Life-Changing Tips for Organizing Your Clothes

organizing clothes

Unless you have a huge walk-in closet (or maybe even if you have one), you probably find your clothes, shoes, and accessories lying all over the place. Before you get frustrated and throw everything away, try this alternative: organize them better so you can easily find things when you need them.

Buzzfeed has 53 seriously cool tips for organizing your clothing better. These include using PVC pipes to store your shoes, scarves and belt; assigning different-colored hangers for clothes used in different seasons; investing in writable tags, among many other helpful tips. If you’re up to the challenge of organizing your closet and your bedroom, read the 53 tips at the link…53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

36 Ways to Organize Your Stuff and Hide Eyesores in your Home

hide the eyesores

Everywhere we look in our home, we may see eyesores–electric cords, laundry baskets, among many others. They may be needed, but they don’t need to be seen! Buzzfeed has shared a great list for hiding 36 of these eyesores, either by just putting them inside boxes, decorating them with stickers to make them look better, or just hiding them inside huge drawers.

If you want to know how to organize your things better, go to the link below for the full list of eyesores you can hide from plain sight…36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

19 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

19 insanely clever organizing ideasYou can always organize your home without spending money on organizing products by re-purposing items you have around the house.

The Buzz Feed blog gives us some clever ideas on organizing your stuff. For all 19 insanely clever organizing ideas see the link here…19 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

11 Awesome Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas

11-small-bathroom-organizing-ideasMost small bathroom often don’t have a lot of storage space so some ideas to help maximize space can be quite helpful.

Over at the ‘A Cultivated Nest’ blog, you can get a variety of organization and storage ideas for your small bathroom that can also serve as lovely decor. See the all the great ideas on small bathroom organizing here…11 Awesome Small Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Cake Stand Used As a Bathroom Organizer

Photo source:

But what about your bathroom counters and other items?

This cake stand is a great idea to pretty up your bathroom and provide storage and order for your everyday bathroom items that you need in close reach. Although this particular one was not on amazon there are many other beautiful 2 or 3 tier cake stands here on amazon.

25 Free Ways To Organize Your Home

25-Free-Ways-to-Organize-Your Home

You don’t have to go out and spend money on organizing products. You can use common household items to get organized instead.

You’d be surprised with what you can use around the house by using a little bit of creativity and some cool ideas others have used to get organized. The Kids Activities blog has put together a list of 25 free ways to organize your home that you can view at the link….25 Free Ways To Organize Your Home.

How To Create an Entry Command Center

The Kitchen Wall is a space that can be used in a more useful way through creating an Entry Command Center.  Being creative enough can make your space be converted to a beautiful spot plus be a center for organization. I found this photo online but the original blogger has removed their blog.

Here is another great command center to try from See Vanessa Craft:

Creating a Vanity Area In Your Bedroom

Many women put their makeup in the bathroom and would much rather prefer to use something like a bathroom organizer seen here and just get ready in front of the mirror.

However, here are a few good reasons to use a separate vanity area in your home:

  • can serve as a nice decor area in a master bedroom
  • you don’t have to reach over the counter to see yourself in the mirror while you try and put your makeup on
  • you don’t have to fight with other family members for the bathroom to get ready
  • give yourself a reason to create a little more ‘me’ time to pamper and take care of your appearance

If you like this idea and want to see how another blogger created this space in her home, see link below…Setting Up a Vanity.

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Declutter and Organize Everything, kitchen stuff pin

Declutter and Organize Everything From Your Home 

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