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17+ Fun And Easy Crafts For Kids and Adults To Do At Home

 Here you’ll find various ideas for craft projects that are both enjoyable and easy to do. There is even a sections for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Easter. There is sure to be a craft you will enjoy doing either yourself or with children. There are links provided for where online you can get details on how to make each craft project idea. Browse to see all the fun and easy crafts for kids and adults.

Fun and Easy Crafts For Kids and Adults To Make

How To Create a Crayon Roll

The Pleated Poppy blog shares a cute tutorial on how to create a crayon roll. It is a great little way to store crayons and a nice package for kids to take with them in their travels. This could also serve as a fun gift idea and it could be used for other items such as your makeup brushes or nail items.

Click the link below to see the tutorial on how to create this crayon roll…How To Create a Crayon Roll


How To Make Watercolor Paint From Old Markers

Amanda from the Finding My Marbles blog shares this great idea on using old markers to make watercolor paint. You can make watercolor paint from those old markers that just don’t work well anymore as a marker because the color has dried out.

If you’d like to bring new life to old markers and make watercolor paint, click the link below to get instructions on how to do this...Make Watercolor Paint From Old Markers

How To Create Braided Necklaces From Fabric Scraps

The Small Magazine demonstrates how to create braided necklaces from fabric scraps. This is a great way to add more color to your wardrobe with a little bit of pattern.

The tutorial shows you how to sew it together, but you can actually just glue gun it together and then tie a thicker piece of fabric to cover up the glue. To see the full tutorial for these braided necklaces made from fabric scraps, click the link below…Braided Necklaces From Fabric Scraps

Salt Dough Footprints Heart Tutorial

Salt Dough Footprint heart

This craft makes a cute gift for any special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Roamingrosie posted this salt dough footprints heart tutorial on the squidoo site. This DIY project is so easy to make with the photos to guide you through the steps.

See the full post on this salt dough footprints heart tutorial at the following link…Salt Dough Footprints Heart Tutorial

60 Things to Make with Dollar Store Supplies

Dollar Store

Update: I recently discovered that the original blogger removed their blog. You can find craft projects made inexpensively within this post.

If you had thought that to make beautiful things, the materials must be expensive, you have another thought coming. Even very cheap things can produce something beautiful; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Saved by Love Creations has shared a list of 60 things you can do from materials bought at the Dollar Store. It seems unbelievably easy (and creative too!), seeing all those beautiful projects, from vintage-looking wall art, to bangled bracelets, embellished sunglasses, and yes, even a beaded chandelier! 

Fun and Easy Handprint Art Crafts for Kids

kids art crafts

Kids easily get bored–that’s a fact of life. When they’re forced indoors, during bad weather for example, they need to have something to do. If you don’t like your kids to spend all their time playing on their gadgets, there’s one thing you can do to keep them occupied: give them fun art crafts that develop their creativity.

The Plaid Palette has shared eight easy craft projects for kids during winter. However, these can also be done anytime of the year. Among the projects include having them make owl handprints, animal handprints, and handprint monsters, among others. This easy craft project is really fun for kids to make. Check out the instructions in the link here…8 Easy Winter Craft Projects For Kids

59 Hand and Foot Print Art Ideas For Kids

59 hand and foot print art ideas

It’s amazing how creative you can get by just using your hands and feet to create a piece of artwork.

The blog shares 59 different hand and foot print art project ideas that kids can get excited about making. Year-round or holiday ideas, there is sure to be something fun to try. See the link below to view all the wonderful hand and foot print art ideas…59 Hand and Foot Print Art Ideas For Kids

42 Craft Ideas To Make and Sell

craft-ideas-to-make-and-sellThere are so many cute and affordable items that sell on sites like every day.

If you can craft and want to make some extra bucks, consider selling the items online. There are 42 craft ideas to make and sell that the Big Diy Ideas blog put together. You may want to make some to sell, and keep some for yourself too:) You can see all the great craft ideas at the link..42 Craft Ideas To Make and Sell

DIY Candles with Flower Decoupage


Candles can look great in your home, especially if they are decorated with dried flowers. Instead of buying them though, consider making them yourself. It’s not that hard! Crafts for Kids has shared a tutorial for a decoupage on candles. Kids can even help you in the making of it by choosing the flowers themselves.

For the tutorial on decorating candles with dried flowers, go to the link here…Decoupage on candles – with dried flowers

How to Turn Photos Into Coloring Pages or Sketches

turn photos

Looking for a fun activity to engage your kids with? Why not have them do a coloring activity? Instead of the usual coloring books you can use actual photos as raw materials and just convert them into sketches for your kids to color. It’s a guaranteed hit!

Centsational Girl shared a tutorial on how to convert your photos into coloring pages. The software used was Picnik, but even with its closing, there are similar free software you can use to achieve the same effect. Check out the tutorial in the link below if you want to make this activity for your kids…From Photos to Coloring Pages

How to Transfer Images Onto Canvas

Image Canvas

Making transfer image canvases can be a lot of fun and it’s great to give away to friends and loved ones. They are inexpensive and large-scale photos of your choosing. The blog This Heart of Mine has shared the process, and it seems really easy to do. The end product is beautiful and sure to be treasured by anyone who will receive one as a gift.

Go to the link below for the tutorial if you want to transfer some images onto canvas…Transfer Image Canvases

How To Transfer Images To Bottles

The Villabarnes blog shares a super tutorial on how to transfer images to bottles. You can really give bottles that vintage look for your home decor and even uses the bottles for gift-giving.

If you would like to see how to complete this craft project, click the link…How To Transfer Images To Bottles

How To Make a Denim Notebook Cover

What a fabulous craft project! I love how you can place your pens in the denim pocket. This could make a great inexpensive gift using a day planner or regular notebook and then you could even personalize it any way you want.

If you like this project idea, click the link to see the full tutorial on how to make this denim notebook cover…Denim Notebook Cover


How To Make an Easy, No-Bake Candy Bar Cake

candy bar cake

How cool is this no-bake candy bar cake?  This could make a neat birthday party cake for kids, but this one weighs 5.5 lbs!

To save on costs, use less chocolate bars and use other candy instead. You also have to shop around to get a good price on styrofoam since it is not always easy to find cheap. See link from the Lick the Bowl Good blog on how to put together this easy, no- bake candy bar cake…Easy, No-Bake Candy Bar Cake

Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet (Tutorial)

Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet

This baby socks rose flower bouquet is such a lovely idea as a gift for a baby shower or to welcome mom and baby home:)

It is not difficult to do once you have the right materials and can follow the excellent instructions and photos from the blog. Get all the details on how to make this cute baby socks flower bouquet at the link here…Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Handprint Family Tree Art Project

family project

UPDATE: The original blogger has since removed the blog post for this project.

A family project where everyone gets to participate is not only fun to do, it can also bring you closer together.

Creative Carmella has suggested one for you to do: an art project consisting of hand prints from every family member. It can serve as a keepsake, too, especially if you have small kids! 

Fun and Easy Crafts For Valentine’s Day

Baby Footprints Heart Card Project

Baby Footprints heart card

This baby footprints heart card project is cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

This DIY craft is easy to do with just a few materials and a little bit of loving thoughts to write the card:) You can see how to complete this baby footprints heart card project at the link below from the Jany Claire blog…Baby Footprints Heart Card Project

157 Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

Giving out cards for Valentine’s Day at school is always fun for kids. You can make it more fun for kids by having them give a homemade card. There are really some cute ideas that kids could have fun making and giving.

You can see a tonne of ideas with photos from the ‘Sassy Sites’ blog at the link below…Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Feather Heart Wreath

Feather Heart

Have you ever made a wreath for Valentine’s Day before? You can actually make one in under ten minutes, if you have all the materials needed. Fox Hollow Cottage has published a tutorial on how to make a gorgeous feather heart wreath, using only two things.

Check out the tutorial on how to make the feather wreath…Valentine’s Day Feather Heart Wreath

Fun and Easy Crafts For Easter

Easter Chick Colorful Placeholders Craft

Crafts By Amanda shares a cute and easy Easter craft project. Since Easter is a time for friends and family to get together and centered around food, these placeholders are super for the occasion.

Kids will have fun making these and adults will think these are lovely:) Click the link below if you want to see how this project was done…Easter Chick Colorful Placeholders

How to Make “Hello Kitty” Easter Eggs

hello kitty eggs

Want to make your Easter Eggs look unique? Make them look like Hello Kitty! According to Mommy Brain Reports, they’re very easy to do. The kids would have a lot of fun making them and they’re quite inexpensive too.

The blogger at Mommy Brain Reports did have a tutorial on how to do this but the link is no longer working. It’s not hard to do though! It looks like all you need are some markers and a a few cute bows and flowers that you can pick up at your local craft store.

How To Make a Cute Washcloth Bunny

washcloth bunny

 If you’re looking for bunny-related crafts you can do with your kids, why not make a cute bunny washcloth? It’s inexpensive, too. For less than $3, you can already make three pieces.

That’s What Che Said has shared a tutorial on how to make a bunny washcloth that can also turn into a Boo Boo Bunny after the Easter holiday. The blogger has provided a photo for each step of the process, so you would find it really easy to follow. If you want to know how to make these cute bunny washcloths, click the link…Washcloth Bunny Kid’s Craft

How To Make a Homemade Easter Bunny Bottle

Easter Bunny Bottle

 If you have some empty water bottles, you and your kids can re-purpose them into an Easter Bunny Bottle. They’re great to give away, and you can put anything in the bottle too, from just plain drinking water, to jelly beans or other small candies.

Happy Clippings has a photo tutorial of how to make these Easter Bunny Bottles. Debbie, the blogger, even provided printable bunny ears so you won’t have to worry about making them. Her kids loved them as their early Easter present! If you want to know how to make these cute Easter Bunny Bottles, check out the tutorial from Happy Clippings at the link below…

**UPDATE: The blogger at Happy Clippings has unfortunately removed her website so the full tutorial is not available any longer. I was able to capture the materials used for the tutorial.

Materials used:

Water bottles (8oz), cupcake liners, Sharpie pen, ribbon, scissors, glue, tape, googly eyes, small cotton balls (for the tail), bunny ears and hands, and printer paper.

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