Nano Towels Review – Do They Really Work?

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Nano Cleaning Cloth Review

If you do a lot of cleaning around your house then you’ve probably been exposed to a large amount of cleaning detergents and chemicals over the years. There are likely some noxious things in your cleaning cupboard that you’d rather not be breathing in the fumes from.

Fortunately, modern technology is starting to catch up with the need for fewer toxic chemicals around the home. New fibers made using advanced technology allow newer cleaning towels to do the job without the need for all those harsh detergents. Nano towels are one of these new advancements in household cleaning that offer a clean home without the toxic chemicals. In this article, we’ll do a Nano towels review and see if they are worth the money.

As a side note, it’s also a good idea to use a powerful bathtub scrubber to avoid using harsh chemicals. You can read more about that in my best bathtub scrubber article.

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What are Nano towels?

Nano towels are special, thick microfiber cloths that are made from a specific material that consists of tiny fibers that break up dirt and remove it from surfaces with similar efficiency to a chemical cleaner. They are designed to allow you to easily clean up dirt and spills without using detergents and chemicals. They are also a great reusable replacement for paper towels, saving you money in the long run. I would personally still reserve some paper towels for the really gross cleanup jobs.

How to use Nano towels

You just wipe the surface clean and then wash off the towel in clean water. Generally, you don’t need to do any more than that. Depending on what you are cleaning you can use the towel either dry or wet it with plain water. You normally won’t need to use any detergents to free up the dirt as these high-tech towels are designed to work without them. One side of the towel is designed for cleaning up messes and the other is designed to wipe the cleaned surface dry afterward, which makes them great for a quick wipe and swipe cleanup.

What are Nano towels made of?

Nano towels are made from a fiber called Nanolon which is hundreds of times finer than a human hair. This fiber has a V-shaped cross-section that gives it a large surface area relative to its thickness and allows it to clamp onto dust particles. The small size of these fibers gives the towels made with them a soft and fluffy feel and allows them to soak up more water and other fluids than conventional towels. Dirt and grime also sticks to these tiny fibers. This allows you to avoid the need for chemicals when cleaning as the fibers do a similar job.

Nano towels vs Norwex towels?

Nano towels tend to be a bit cheaper than Norwex, though prices can vary. Norwex is a more conventional micro-fiber towel while Nano towels are made from a fiber nearer to the cutting edge of technology. Both types of towel are great for the environment as they are designed so that they don’t require detergents and act as a replacement for paper towels while also being reusable. If you’re curious which of these towels is better for you then probably the best approach is to try out both types of towel and see which gets the job done more effectively. We found it a good idea to mention the Norwex towels in this Nano towels review article because they are a competitor with regards to cleaning cloths.

Pros of Nano Towels

Soft and fluffy. Absorb more fluid than a conventional towel and clean more easily. They don’t need chemical detergents to get the house clean, which can save you money. They are far cheaper than regularly replacing disposable paper towels.

Using Nano Towels is also great for your health. According to a study indicated on the Independent website, regularly using chemical cleaning products can have an effect on lung health, equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  Using Nano towels can replace many cleaning products and therefore contribute to better health.

Another pro is that they are easy to clean and usually just need warm water to get the dirt and grime off of them. 

Cons of Nano Towels

They are more expensive than most cloth and microfiber towels. They are not suitable for all surfaces as they can leave streaks on metal and reflecting glass that will require additional cleaning. 

Personal Review of the Nano Towels

Check out the personal review of Jessica Spiers in this youtube video. She goes about her home demonstrating where and how she uses the nano towel to clean in various areas of her home.

View it on Amazon

Other Nano Towel Reviews – What other people are saying 

The reviews for these towels on Amazon are generally favorable, with a few people complaining about the fact that these towels leave streaks on stainless steel. Most are happy with their purchase and say that they would find it hard to go back to other methods of cleaning. Many leave comments discussing how they have managed to cut back on using chemical cleaning products around the home, and how pleased they are with this fact.

Reviews from around the web are also fairly favorable. Most reviewers consider these towels to be a worthwhile purchase for their audience and recommend them on that basis.

Factors to consider:

  • Durability – You can consider this product rated 5 stars for durability. Even using them on a daily basis, one pack of nano towels can last up to 2-3 years even when washed over 300 times or more.
  • Cleaning effectiveness – Since the cloth is thick and plush, it makes for a highly absorbant microfiber cloth that cleans up spills better than paper towels and other household cloths. It also works well to clean stainless steel surfaces besides the every day spills and light messes. The nano towels are also great for drying surfaces. It’s not so effective in cleaning glass and windows so this is where paper towels can still come in handy.
  • Multi-purpose – You can already gather that the nano towels are an excellent multi-purpose cleaner: used for counters, tile floors, hardwood floors, and used as a stainless steel cleaner. They even have specific towels made just for stainless steel. See them here.
  • Cost – The nano towels are actually quite inexpensive when you factor in how much you will save buying less paper towels that you can reserve for heavier messes.

Check out more Nano Towel Reviews on Amazon.

Where to buy Nano towels

You can find Nano towels available for sale on Amazon online. This is probably the best place to buy them if you want top deals, fast delivery, and the guarantees that Amazon provides.

How do you clean Nano towels?

Normally you only need to hand-wash them in clean warm water, but you can machine wash them if they need a more thorough clean. You may want to rinse them clean before washing to get the bulk of the dirt out first. Use a stiff brush to free any caked-up dirt. Let them soak for a few minutes before you start washing them to loosen the dirt.

Ideally, don’t use standard detergents or fabric softeners to wash Nano towels as this will only clog up their fibers. You can get special detergents intended for washing them, but these are not necessary unless the towels are still heavily soiled after persistent washing in clean water. If you do choose to use standard household detergents then use liquid laundry soap with no perfume or dyes.

You should also avoid washing them with other clothes as the fibers and dirt from those clothes will be retained by the Nano towels.

Once the towels are clean, just air-dry them on a clothes-line or something similar.

Final Thoughts

Nano towels are an interesting use of modern fiber technology. The ability to clean most of your home without leaving fumes and chemical residue everywhere is a significant advantage over older ways of cleaning. They are initially a bit pricey, but once you factor in the savings in the cost of the detergents you’ll need far less of, the price starts to look pretty good. They are certainly worth trying out, so buy a pack and see what you think of them yourself. The worst that can happen is that you end up with a clean home. Hope this Nano towels review was informative and helps you decide if these towels are right for you. Check out the Nano Towels on Amazon here.

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Nano Cleaning Towels Review

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