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Halloween and Christmas Holiday DIY Ideas (That Are Easy To Do!)

If you’re looking for some fun Halloween DIY ideas or Christmas holiday DIY ideas, you will like some of these ideas here in this post. The holiday ideas are geared towards the Christmas holidays and you’ll find things like making your own outdoor Christmas light balls,  DIY bird seed ornaments, a simple paperclip ornament and much more.

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Halloween DIY Ideas

35 Cool Halloween Ideas For Decorating Windows With Silhouettes 16-Easy-But-Awesome-Homemade-Halloween-Decorations-window-decor

A spooky way to welcome guests for Halloween is to have your windows decorated with black silhouettes. You can check out now 35 cool Halloween ideas for decorating your windows at the Shelterness blog for some inspiration. Then you can choose from various Halloween window silhouettes to replicate this Halloween vibe for your home.

How To Make Fairy Wings With Hangers and Tights

fairy-wings-hangers-and-tights Here is a neat little project to do as a Halloween costume.The Handmade Happy Hour blog demonstrates how to make fairy wings with hangers and tights.

You don’t have to spend much money for a costume and these fairy wings are quite original. See the steps to take in making this yourself when you click the link here.. DIY How To Make Fairy Wings.

How To Make Mason Jar Jack O’ Lanterns

mason jar jack o lanterns

Here is a fun Halloween decor idea from the Creating Laura blog. Laura shows us how to make mason jar jack o’ lanterns. Make sure you read all the instructions on how to do this safely before you attempt this project since it does involve candles. 

See link to view all the details on how to complete this project on how to make mason jar jack o’ lanterns…Mason Jar Jack O’ Lanterns

23 Fun Ways To Scare Your Kids This Halloween

23 fun ways to scare your kids on HalloweenHalloween is for tricks and not just treats so you can pull a scary prank or two on your kids as long as it is not too scary for them.

Make spider chip cookies, put roaches in their cereal box, or try any of these 23 fun ways to scare your kids. See the buzzfeed blog post for all these 23 scary ideas ...23 Fun Ways to Scare Your Kids This Halloween

DIY Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder Project

autumn leaf mason jar candle holder

This is more of a fall season craft. It’s a cool candle holder project that can be done with just a few items and didn’t take long to make at all.

The Spark and Chemistry blog shares how to go about making these with mason jars with a nice Fall inspiring touch. For the directions on making these candle holders, see the DIY project details here…DIY Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder Project.

Christmas Holiday DIY Ideas

DIY Bird Seed Ornaments

DIY Birdseed ornanments

These cute bird seed ornaments are meant to be used outdoors but you can always use them indoors too before taking them outside for the birds to enjoy:) These ornaments can also be a great gift idea.

See link below for the tutorial on how to make these from the saltwater-kids site…DIY Bird Seed Ornaments.

How To Make Your Own Outdoor Christmas Light Balls

christmas light ballsThese outdoor Christmas light ball might be seen in holiday light shows or fancy displays but you can do them yourself and display them in our own outdoor space.

These Christmas balls use LED lights and are made of chicken wire. You only need a few items to complete this DIY project. The Christmas Lights Etc. blog demonstrates how to make these outdoor Christmas light balls with an excellent breakdown of how to do it here…How To Make Your Own Outdoor Christmas Light Balls.

How To Make White Christmas Luminaries

white Christmas-luminaries

These mason jars add such a lovely decorative touch to your home. The Ginger Snap Crafts blog shares a tutorial on how to make white Christmas luminaries. Using just a few supplies and the directions, you can quickly do this project too.

Visit the link below to see the tutorial to complete this project on making Christmas luminaries with mason jars…White Christmas Luminaries.

How To Make a Wrapping Paper Organizer

The 2 Little Holligans shares this awesome tutorial to make your own gift wrapping paper organizer. I absolutely love this idea! You can have all your gift wrapping needs in one place and because it is on wheels, you can easily move it anywhere!

Give yourself about 2 hours to complete this project. The materials to complete this project include:

a kitchen stool, fabric or a twin flat sheet, 4 casters, and bias tape.

To see the project tutorial details and follow along, click the link below…Wrapping Paper Organizer.

How To Make An Easy Paperclip Ornament

What a beautiful yet simple angel ornament to make with a paperclip. Use this to decorate your own Christmas tree or give as a gift. This is very quick to make.

Click the link below to find out more from the Crafty Journal blog about how to make your own angel ornaments…Easy Paperclip Angel Ornament.

150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone stocking stuffer ideas

You don’t want to stuff stocking with the same items every year so if you need some fun ideas that you can use or help spark another idea, you can see a great list that was put together by  See the link for all the super ideas to help stock your holiday stockings…150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone.

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Halloween and Christmas Holiday DIY Ideas, wrappings

Halloween and Christmas Holiday DIY Ideas To Try


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