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How To Make a Snowman With Plastic Cups

snowman plastic cups how to make

Making a snowman out of plastic cups is a cool idea if you want to have one indoors or you don’t have snow where you live to make a real one.  You staple plastic cups together to make the snowballs and then decorate:) You can see this craft project from Anamarija Blazevic on Youtube by watching the video below…


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How To Make Adorable Holiday Sock Snowmen

holiday sock snowmen

How cute are these sock snowmen?! This craft project on how to make adorable holiday sock snowmen is from the Darkroom and Dearly blog.

This is such a sweet decorative item to have at home during the Christmas holidays and with just a few things from around the house you can make this too. See the link for all the details on completing this project…How To Make Adorable Holiday Sock Snowmen.

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