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Non-Toy Gift Ideas That Kids Will Actually Love

I don’t have anything against toys for kids but I thought it would be nice to give you some non-toy gift ideas. These items are practical or contribute to learning, wonder, or even cultivate a passion. Some are just plain fun! Keep in mind, certain gifts are also more appropriate for some ages than others.

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Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids 

Piggy Bank (with money). This gift is so practical and teaches kids the value of money and saving money. I bought both my nieces piggy banks at Christmas and they still use them.This Smart Piggy Trio Bank, in particular is actually SMART! There’s one bank for spending, one for saving and another for sharing. It’s easy for kids to keep track of the money they collected. It also comes with a guide for kids that actually teaches them the basics of money. 

Kid Size Umbrella. This is such a useful gift for kids. There’s this cute Ladybug one from Skip Hop or choose a variety of styles here.

Sleeping Bag. Kids will love sleepovers away from home with a fun sleeping bag such as the sleeping bags from Wildkin. There are lots of styles to choose from and they come with a small pillow and storage bag. 

Giant coloring posters. If your child loves coloring, giant coloring posters allows hours of having fun coloring. Use it on the wall, on a table, or on the floor. Since they are large enough, make it a fun family night of coloring together or use it at a party! Two of the best are the Coloring America with StateTrivia,  and the slightly smaller sized 5 pack classic posters.

Giant Coloring Poster

Butterfly Garden. This has to be one of the most brilliant gift ideas I’ve seen (hence, why it’s a bestseller!). Using The Original Butterfly Garden from InsectLore kids can actually raise and feed caterpillars, then watch them transform into chrysalides, and then into beautiful butterflies! This 3-week experiment engages and teaches kids all about the cycle of life.

Butterfly Garden Experiment

Fresh Herb or Veggie Growing Kit. Kids can learn to grow their own herb or veggie garden. The Pizza Garden Kit is an all-time favorite since it produces things like tomatoes, peppers, scallions, basil, and oregano that kids can then use to make pizza!


Other Hobby Kit Ideas:

Knitting Kit  

Crochet Kit  

Magic Trick Kit

Workshop Tools Kit

Wood Working Kit 

Engineer/Construction Kit

Pottery Kit

Scrapbooking Kit 

Fashion Design Kit

Jewelry Making Kit

More non-toy gift ideas?

Drawing books. In this step by step guide, How To Draw 101 Animals, kids can learn how to draw all sorts of animals! 

Question a Day Book. I bought this Question a Day Book for my niece!  Each day for three years your child will answer one question and chronicle their thoughts. It’s a great way to capture memories and looking back at your answers.

Scented Markers. Perfect for kids to use with the question a day book or giant coloring posters, are these scented markers

Audiobooks. A good story awakens the mind and inspires wonder. It’s nice to hear a story rather than read it. The Magic Tree House series makes an awesome gift.

Recordable Storybooks. Different than audiobooks, with these Hallmark storybooks, can actually record yourself reading the book so that your child can always hear you reading it to them even if you can’t be right there with them! 

Classical Board Games. Consider creating a family game night and have some vintage games available to play such as Chess, Monopoly, or Clue.

Musical Instruments. Kids love music! A great starter set is this Band in a Box.

Nightlight. Making your child feel safe in the dark, this best selling nightlight makes a great gift. 

What were your favorite non-toy gift ideas?

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  1. Shelly Eigen says:

    Love these gift ideas for kids that are not toys.

  2. I love this! The question of the day book is adorable. I want that for my kids!

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