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The Best Dollhouse For Toddlers (Top 12 Reviews in 2021)

Best Dollhouse For Toddlers and Preschoolers, pic of dollhouse

A dollhouse is a brilliant way to teach young children about the home, to encourage creativity, and allows for social play with others. But, with so many models available for so many age groups, how can you be sure you’re getting the best dollhouse for toddlers?

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The Best Dollhouse For Toddlers ( Top 12 Dollhouses)

Below are 12 top toddler-friendly doll houses and some tips on what to look out for when choosing a model for your child.

1. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse


Let’s start this guide about the best dollhouse for toddlers with a company that you can always rely on for high-quality wooden toys for toddlers. This option from Melissa and Doug is ideal for young toddlers that may be starting out with concepts of the home and playing with dolls.

It is a simplistic wooden home with four main rooms and two figures, so there isn’t too much to learn and plenty of repetitive play to hone skills. There are also 11 pieces of furniture that fit into the space with ease.

Many parents will appreciate the simple wood effect all the way through, with a few colorful accents here and there. This makes it calming and tactile for kids as they move the figures around and play out their little stories. But, there are some fun additional features like the working front door and garage door on the side.

Two figures are more than enough as a starting point. However, this set also goes well with the 7-piece poseable doll set in the Melissa & Doug range.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the more appealing things about this toy is the “fold and go” feature. Kids can pack up all the toys and dolls into the wooden home, close it all up, and then use the carry handle to take it to other locations.

It is perfect for play dates or trips to family member’s houses. The strong wood means the built-in handle should last and the whole set should travel well without much risk of damage along the way.

Check it out on amazon here.


2. Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse With Drawbridge and Turrets


This next option from Melissa and Doug takes things in a different direction. Instead of offering a more recognizable house with your traditional rooms and features, this one takes kids into a fantasy world with the fun castle theme.

While there is a sense that this is a model for young girls, there is no reason why boys can’t come up with fun stories with the right characters too.

This beautiful model is crafted from high-quality wood, as you would expect from this brand. You can open it out to create the engaging playset for fun adventures and then fold it up to keep everything safe. The design means that it looks great when not in use.

While there are no dolls included with the model, there is a compatible Royal Family doll set in the Melissa and Doug range that is perfect. This cute 4inch figures are sold separately and include a king, queen, prince, princess, and two of their horses.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the most appealing things about this set is the attention to detail in creating a castle with all the different levels. It cries out to be explored, from the working drawbridge at the start, to the walkways and tallest tower and balcony.

It is a unique idea compared to a more traditional house and perfect for young toddlers just getting into Disney stories and the idea of princesses in fantasy lands.

Check it out on amazon here.


3. KidKraft Enchanted Forest Dollhouse Doll


This next best dollhouse for toddlers is similar to the Melissa & Doug castle in that you get a detailed fantasy building that lets imaginative kids create a range of fun stories. Young toddlers can appreciate the different rooms and the colors of the design and then grow into the theme with new ideas.

The MDF house opens up to expose a series of rooms to explore. It is a more traditional set-up, but the magical forest location means that pretty much any doll or toy can visit and make use of the space.

Kids can use any doll, or other figures, up to 5 inches tall. So, the options are extensive. Any creature could stumble across this enchanted place and call it home.

The set also comes with 16 pieces of furniture, which means that kids have the freedom to decorate the cottage themselves exactly as they like. The build works on a hinge so it is easy to open it out and play and then close it up when not in use.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the most appealing things about this set is the attention to detail in the exterior of this enchanted house. The quality of the illustration and the interesting design makes you want to open it and get inside to play. At the same time, it also looks great out on display in a playroom.

It is pretty safe to say that kids won’t have anything else like this in their collection and it offers a nice change from the more traditional houses.

Check it out on amazon here.


4. LUCKSTAR Happy Dollhouse Family Dolls Early Educational Baby Toy


For our next option, we turn to something made from a completely different material. A lot of the options that make up the best dollhouse for toddlers are made of wood. This is understandable because it is so strong and tactile. But, younger toddlers and babies will appreciate a house like this made from a softer material.

This is one of few soft-bodied options for really young kids. This is great for those closer to 1-2 years old, whereas many other toys are mainly for those 3 years old and older.

This is a simple version of a dollhouse with a basic house, dolls, and a few accessories. The dolls are part of a happy family set where you can care for the baby and the dog as you put them to bed. It is cute and encourages motor skills as well as imaginative play.

A key feature here is the ability to lift the lid of the roof via the velcro tabs to find all the people that live inside. From there, kids can get them all out to play happy families and then put them all away to encourage tidying up.

What we like about this dollhouse:

The appeal of this dollhouse mostly lies in the tactile nature and interactivity of the fabric pieces. It wasn’t enough for the company to offer fabric dolls.

Instead, they added in some fuzzy hair and nice clothes that you want to touch. This sensory experience is important at this age. Kids are encouraged to pick up the pieces, feel the different features of the home, and use them for creative play.

Check it out on amazon here.


5. Boley Pretend Play American Doll House Toy Playset


Of course, there are always going to be plenty of plastic dollhouses for toddlers out there. Plastic models might not have the same look and feel as there is with wood, but they do allow for more interesting shapes, bright colors, and full accessories. In some ways, this is a step up from the fabric option in that you get a family-centric scene with kids and pets within a fun home.

The house is bold and well-molded. It seems to be more geared to girls with the pink and purple color scheme but it is open to any child.

You can open the house up, bring out all the characters and features on the play-mat, and then pack it all up at the end for storage. There are 21 pieces in total, with lots of people, furniture, and even the pet dog.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the most intriguing things for us about this set is the use of all of the moving and interactive parts. This takes the set to another level in terms of interactive play by bringing in movement, light, and sound.

There is a front door on the building that kids can open and close by themselves. There is also a peek-a-boo window to see inside and a shelf drawer to open up.

If that wasn’t enough, kids can politely ring the light-up doorbell to see if the characters are home.

Check it out on amazon here.


6. All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape


For the next of these top doll houses for toddlers, we have something that is for kids that are around 3-4 years old. This is a larger model where the action takes place over different levels.

Kids can let their dolls live out their lives in a modern townhouse. There are 6 rooms in total with a more modern twist. This includes a media room and loft, the former allowing for different gameplay then a more traditional four-room house.

There is a different approach here with the brighter colors on the walls, doors, and roof. This is all presented in a durable water-based paint for safety.

It has cute little wooden furniture pieces for the different rooms, Be aware that this works best when bough with the family of dolls and the little pets and their houses. T

he animals and figures bring life to the residence from the start.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the most appealing things about this model is the idea of adaptation for different moods.

The most striking feature is the reversible roof for different seasons. This means that the house can adapt to winter and summer over the year.

There are also adjustable staircases and different configurations to change up the home and make it more interesting. Therefore, kids can mess around with it, add in different features and accessories, and let the home evolve over time.

Check it out on amazon here.


7. TOYSTER’S Wooden Dollhouse Playset with Furniture


This next option is very similar to the All Seasons wooden dolls house above.

It uses the same approach of different rooms over multiple levels. This time there are six stories as kids and their dolls work their way from the ground floor to the space in the attic. This time, the model comes with the necessary people for creative play and lots of cool furniture.

There is a unisex approach to this house, unlike some of the pink/purple models, girly themes, and enchanted castles. Instead, it is all about the focus on creative play and learning about the home.

Parents should also appreciate the fact that this is a quick build structure that is up and secure in no time. This means less time worrying about fixtures and parts and more time playing with your kids.

The material is a smooth non-toxic wood with child-friendly paint as well.

Overall, there is a lot to offer peace of mind as kids progress onto bigger sets with slightly more complex themes.

What we like about this dollhouse:

This house is perfect for younger kids around 3-4 because of the focus on color and shape.

There are simple ideas for play here that make this a little more age-appropriate than the more extensive homes with superfluous features.

With that said, it is bigger than some of the models for this age group. So, you have to decide whether this is too much to handle yet.

Check it out on amazon here.


8. Cossy Wooden Doll House


This next model is the last in our group of larger wooden doll houses for slightly older toddlers.

This is another three-story home with an interesting layout up from the kitchen and bathroom to the master bedroom and the little balcony area.

A feature that makes this one start out is the use of painted wallpaper to create a more detailed scene in each room. There are some really nice illustrations throughout with the tiles in the bathroom, the wallpaper designs, and more. These prints also allow for images of non-playable furniture pieces to enhance the scene.

With that said, there are still 12 pieces of furniture that kids can pick up and use across the 4 rooms.

This layout is engaging but stick with a more traditional approach to living areas that younger children will appreciate.

What we like about this dollhouse:

It can be difficult to determine the ideal style of dollhouses for toddlers, especially as they start to grow up and develop lots of new skills.

You don’t want something to baby-ish nor anything too complex or hazardous.

This model seems like a nice midway point between the simplistic toddler-friendly toys and the more complex, larger dollhouses for older kids.

The size is great for kids that want to expand their horizons past the smaller kits. The simple designs and layouts mean it isn’t going to get too much for toddlers with too many pieces and concepts.

Click here to see it on amazon.


9. FULIM 4-in-1 Dollhouse Toy


The next set in this guide is one that does things a little differently. Here you have an interesting concept where kids get more involved in the building of the home.

There are individual rooms with their own decor to create a 4-in-1 house. Each section also has a cute cat figure to go with it.

The figure and the choice of colors mean that this is a great unisex toy for kids 3 and up.

There are nice pastel colors and tones instead of typical primary colors or a girly aesthetic.

Kids have the choice to focus on one specific room for the story they choose to tell or to move between each module.

Each room has its own features, purpose, and style and comes as an individual building kit. Each kit comes with supports, walls, and all the right accessories.

Kids can play at creating bathtime in the bathroom, preparing for bed in the bedroom, getting a meal laid out in the living room, and cooking in the kitchen.

What we like about this dollhouse:

One of the aspects of this toy that we particularly like here is that kids can work to build the house on their own.

The modular style of the room and simple pieces mean that you can supervise your child to build the home in the configuration they choose. This helps with motor skills and adds another layer to the creative play.

Setting up the home for the cute cats may also help them develop a sense of accomplishment in helping the kitties.

Check it out on amazon here.


10. BananMelonBM Doll House for Little GirlsVIEW IT ON AMAZON

If cats aren’t quite what your child is after when it comes to an animal-themed dollhouse, perhaps they would prefer something with rabbits.

Bunny figures are always going to be endearing and recognizable at this age, and these are no different. You get four characters in total for a fun family dynamic.

This set is a more traditional two-story house with four rooms and all the furniture that kids will need.

This time, the house is made from a strong and non-toxic ABS plastic that is great for kids 3 years and up.

It has the shape and color that will provide a more inviting home for this age-group.

On top of that, there is the interesting addition of the LED lights that can flicker and flash.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense for the décor of the home, but it could be a fun sensory element for young children.

What we like about this dollhouse:

What we don’t like here is the assumption in the name that this is a doll’s house for little girls. We don’t believe that is the case at all.

The cute bunny theme is great for parents that don’t want to go with gender norms or a more traditional set. Any child may find themselves attracted to the rabbit figures and want to help build them a nice home.

It opens up lots of opportunities for creative play away from the more traditional family set-up.

Animal-loving toddlers, that perhaps have a pet rabbit themselves, can create a magical world here with all the different characters and parts.

Check it out on amazon here.


11. Calico Critters Red Roof Cozy Cottage


Sticking with the theme of rabbits for a moment, we turn to a Calico Critters set.

This one may be more simplistic but that makes it a wonderful choice for kids around the ages of 2-3 years old.

You get a cozy cottage set-up with two large rooms over two floors. There is a nice rustic bedroom on top, a staircase to the lower floor, and then the kitchen/dining area.

This set-up is easy to put together. The style is more old-fashioned so it feels like entering a storybook rather than a contemporary home.

The rabbit figure is a little different from other dolls in that is has soft fur. This Hopscotch girl figure also has a cute dress that is well-crafted and shows attention to detail.

This fuzziness means that kids will want to pick her up and play with her. It also makes her more animalistic than other toys.

What we like about this dollhouse:

The added appeal of choosing this set is that it is part of a much wider range.

First of all, this little female Hopscotch bunny is part of a bigger family. So, you can get other models and sets related to her and her home.

From there, you can build up a bigger community with other buildings and characters.

With time, your children can develop quite the collection with lots of new ways to play and expand this universe for creative play. Once you start, it might be hard to stop.

Check it out on amazon here.


12. VKROOM Dollhouse Miniature Kits Toddler Dollhouse Playset


This final model is something a little different because it is essentially a 2-in-1 model.

Again, there is a focus on animal characters. Be aware that not all buyers get the koala model seen in some of the photos. Most users will get a bunny figure and the cute koala figure is said to be down to random chance.

Whatever the character, kids can still have a lot of fun with all the different features in this set.

This isn’t a typical dollhouse with normal rooms and furniture where kids can play house. But, it is a home for the characters, and the set folds out to unveil different features for creative play and various scenarios.

The bus design is pretty unique compared to the house designs above and looks great with the beautiful koala-based design on the side and the bright colors.

What we like about this dollhouse:

This is something completely different for young children working on their motor skills and imaginative play.

That is because there is an additional way to play with the working bus that holds all the pieces.

Kids can drive the vehicle around the playroom on the way to a fun new location. They can then park up, unload everything in the playset, and set up the home and features as needed.

At the end of the day, they can pack up and drive away when it is time to move on.

Check it out on amazon here.


Buying Guide For The Best Dollhouse For Toddlers

The products above are all great examples of the best dollhouses for toddlers. But, they all have different features and approaches that suit different tastes and needs.

Try and consider the following points when finding the best option for your child.

Compare available options carefully to be sure of something you can rely on and that your child will love.


The first thing to consider when choosing the best dollhouse for toddlers is the recommended age. It can be difficult to determine the best dollhouses for kids between 1-4 years old because there are so many different styles out there. Some of the baby-friendly options, such as the soft fabric one above, won’t be so appealing or suitable to 3-year-old kids.

Then, you have to be sure that the themes and parts offered are age-appropriate. It can’t have too many small pieces for those that are very young. You also don’t want anything too big that kids will struggle to use or be unable to reach.

A few rooms in a small house on the floor are great in the first couple of years. As they get older, they can move onto bigger homes over multiple levels with more ideas to play with.

Size & Available Space

This leads us to the issue of size and available space. Your child deserves a dollhouse that is big enough to house enough characters and features to make creative play interesting.

Some tiny homes with two rooms may be portable, but not that engaging once they get older.

Bigger houses with three levels are great if you have the space to set them up in a bedroom or playroom. You want something sturdy that you don’t have to take down and rebuild each time, but is there space for such a permanent installation within the home?

The more space you can dedicate to a dollhouse, the more extravagant it can be. But, don’t lose sight of the age restrictions when looking at these grander dollhouses.

Child Interests

The interests of your child can also play an important role in choosing the best dollhouse for toddlers.

Younger children may not have any clear preferences yet, and will just enjoy the chance to play house and emulate their parents. This is where simple homes with familiar rooms and furniture are so helpful.

As they get older, they may show preferences for certain themes or animals. That is where you can start to make the switch to dollhouses with more specific characters and features. For example, young children that are into princesses and fantasy lands will love the castles.

Kids with a love of cats or rabbits may prefer the chance to create a home for one of those anthropomorphized creatures in the last group of sets.

Features, Dolls, and Furniture

Each dollhouse has to be able to provide a great experience for creative play, whatever the theme.

A lot of this comes down to the furniture provided for the different rooms and the characters. Not all dollhouses come with dolls. So, be prepared to find a compatible set sold separately.

Those that do have characters should have figures that suit the space and that make kids want to act out all kinds of fun situations. Also, check to see if there are any additional moving parts, lights, or noises that might enhance playtime even further.

Materials & Safety

Finally, whatever the size and theme of the dollhouse, you have to be sure that it is made from the best possible materials and is safe enough for your child.

This means looking at the type of material used and the way it is treated. Many of the top toddler-friendly dollhouses are made from wood because it is so light, tactile and attractive.

Make sure that the pieces are sanded with no risk of splinters. Also, any painted surfaces need to be treated with non-toxic paint.

As for the plastic products for slightly older kids, you should be able to check the specification to learn more about the safety rating of the material.

The last thing that you want is any sort of nasty toxin leaching out of the plastic, especially if kids were to put anything in their mouths.

Then there are the fabric materials. This is a great choice as a safer option for very small children because there are no sharp edges or chemical risks. But, this isn’t going to be age-appropriate for long.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you can only trust your own best judgment for choosing the best dollhouse for toddlers. You know if a product is a little too old or young based on your child’s current stage of development and abilities.

Compare the options in your price range for a safe, attractive model that meets their interests and will keep them engaged for a long time.

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