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12 Best Musical Toys for Toddlers (2021 Reviews)

Best Musical Toys for Toddlers and Kids, pic of toddler and instrument

Kids and toys are an inseparable duo. Toddlers are always inquisitive about the world around them. As a parent, the toys that you choose for your kid should be attractive and engaging.

The following is a comprehensive list of the 12 best musical toys for toddlers that you can gift the little one on his or her next birthday or other special occasion.

12 Best Musical Toys For Toddlers

Consider your child’s interests when reviewing from this list of the best musical toys for toddlers.

1. Baby Einstein Wooden Piano Toy with Magic Touch and Music Cards


This little wooden piano music toy is one of the best musical toys for toddlers that gets your kiddo up and dancing.

It comes with 3 different musical sheets and is loaded with 6 songs to entertain your kid for long hours. Made up of materials that are safe for little hands, this toy is highly attractive and a joy to play with.

Since there are no buttons, your child can enjoy joyful songs just by touching the wooden panel. It even offers two modes of play. The first mode allows music to be played by using the magical music cards. The second mode is extremely beneficial to let your little one come up with his musical melodies.

The best part of the product is that it lets your child learn different colors as he tries to follow the colorful notes of the cards with the piano keys. This is great in improving the coordination between hand and eye.

This is a trendy and highly stylish toy to go along with your stylish kid. It is tailor-made for babies who are 6 months or older. The volume control helps you to regulate the intensity of the sound.

The product is shipped in a frustration-free package to prevent any damage and ensure proper delivery.

It is an extremely good travel toy that is compact and easy to handle.

Why we like it:

  • The toy sounds resemble that of a real piano
  • Many parents are fond of the musical cards containing soothing melodies
  • Helps children to create their musical compositions
  • Has good volume control
  • Assists kids in developing motor skills
  • The smooth key surface which makes it easy to clean
  • Can be used to teach your child the basic colors

Check it out on amazon here.


2. iPlay iLearn Musical Monkey Toy


This compact musical monkey is something that your child will instantly fall in love with.

It provides two modes-the learning mode and the play mode. The volume control button is effective to protect the hearing of your baby. If it is left unused for 4 minutes, it starts playing a sleepy tone and changes its mode to the sleep mode.

There is no such toy for your kid as this that gives the delicate little fingers enough scope to improve its proficiency in handling different mini items. The toy encourages fine motor activities for young children.

Your child can play with the various little equipment just by pressing the keys, moving the Dj touchpad, switching the Tempo Switch on and off, and twiddling the knob.

It comes with a range of as many as 8 songs to select the favorite one of your kids.

The toy comes with an in-built handle that makes it suitable to carry on the go. It is loved by parents as one of the best musical toys for toddlers.

If you are looking for a toy that would engage your kids for a long time, giving him scope to learn songs and also acquaint him with rhythmic patterns and sounds, then this toy is a must-buy.

The Dj feel that your kid will get by turning the Dj pad is a joy that is incomparable to any other toy played with.

The next time you host a house party, do lay your hands on this cutely designed toy and ask your toddler to be the Dj for the night.

It would be a completely enjoyable experience for your kid to spend time with this toy and learn new things and concepts.

Why we like it:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Kids love the vast assortment of songs
  • The attractive monkey theme is sure to keep your child engaged for hours
  • The DJ mode is an added advantage
  • The lights and the sounds together create an enriching audio-visual experience for kids

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3. HOMOFY Learning Table with Music


This educational toy is an effective tool that introduces your kids to colours, shapes, and melodies. The glossy shiny appearance, the colourful funny animals, the rhythmic lights and the smooth touch of the toy will grab the attention of your child like never before.

Its bright images will hold their attention for a long duration while they try to explore every aspect of the toy with their baby fingers.

This is a highly favourable toy with amazing and fantastic features which grasp the attention of the child within the wink of an eye. It teaches your child multiple things at the same time that include learning about colours, numbers, different animal sounds, etc.

It can be used to make your tiny one get a grasp over musical patterns and learn the basics of language. The compact design of the learning and musical table makes it easy to carry as well as easy to use. It can be used as a desk with its legs out or can be attached to the bed when the legs are removed.

Made up of the finest quality plastic, it is environment-friendly as well as child-friendly. With its compact size and kid-friendly design, it is one of the best musical toys for toddlers that your kid will surely enjoy.

Why we like it:

  • An enjoyable toy to make your kids recognize colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Can be used as a baby table or tied on the baby bed
  • Effective in making your child familiar with different animals and their sounds
  • Increases hand and eye coordination of your child
  • Extremely lightweight makes it easy to carry while you are holidaying
  • It is durable, sturdy and worthy enough to spend your money for

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4. KiddoLab Musical Caterpillar Toy


The first thing that would entice your kid towards this toy is its color and appearance. The head of the caterpillar is very soft to touch and cuddle with at night as your baby enters the world of dreams. The insect head is made up of the best quality fabric followed by the branded plastic material that is used to adorn its entire colorful body.

The combination of different hues and numbers makes it easy for you to teach these basic concepts to your child while you both enjoy quality time spent together. It is super easy to install and is the best option if you are searching for toys to be attached to the crib.

It has a dual mode-the first mode allows listening to playful songs while the second lets musical notes to be played as per the taste of your little musician. The 3 colorful spinning rings just below the button can be touched and played with the delicate fingers. The toy appeals instantly and will offer an enjoyable experience.

This toy is preferred by many parents for its amazing and unique features that offer an experience of a lifetime for your kid. This is a perfect gift for your little one at Christmas which would surely top his list of most prized possessions!

Why we like it:

  • It is very simple to be operated
  • Soft head of the caterpillar is smooth to touch
  • A great toy to introduce your little one to the world of colors, lights, and numbers
  • The caterpillar theme fascinates the kids
  • Perfect for attaching to the crib

Check it out on amazon here.


5. M SANMERSEN Musical Piano Mat


Kids love to crawl, run, and explore the new world that they have just arrived in. This is perhaps the best musical toy for toddlers which encourages your kid to crawl, touch, dance, and enjoy moments of pure bliss.

This brightly colored attractive mat lets your kid learn as many as 8 different animal sounds and play 8 kinds of tone on its piano keys.

This musical mat has only a single button to switch it on and off and also volume control keys not to strain the little ears. It improves the motor function as well as the ability of your child to identify the different sounds and numbers.

Special attention has been given to the material used in the toy to make sure that the item is extra soft for your kid to dance and keep himself happily occupied.

The item is very easy to clean and you will not have to worry or spend much time on its maintenance.

It is a travel-friendly toy because it is easily foldable and can accompany you even if you are at the beach or in the park. Your toddler with love to have it for his or her next birthday gift or for Halloween or Christmas.

Why we like it:

  • The bright colors are perfect for securing your baby’s attention instantly
  • Helpful in developing psychomotor abilities
  • Energizes children as they love to crawl and walk over it
  • Acquaints kids with the different animals and their respective sounds
  • Extremely travel-friendly as it can be easily folded and carried
  • With clear sound and adjustable volume, it is a complete auditory treat

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6. Fisher-price Smart Musical Purse


This interactive toy that comes with a set of accessories is an item that is something your kid will enjoy playing with. The accessories include a credit card, keys, mirror, beads, and a rattle phone that makes your little one feel on top of the world.

While handling these cute little items, your baby would enhance his fine motor abilities. The design is simple yet elegant and the vibrant colors are an absolute treat.

The multiple items that the purse comes with is great to play and fiddle with. The toy helps in the early development of your kid’s language as this musical purse comes with sounds, phrases, greetings, and more.

It would open a world of fun and laughter for your kid and keep your dearest kid engaged for a long time.

Your little girl would love to dress up and match this purse with her dress giving her a feeling of being an adult.

Why we like it:

  • Eye-catching for its appearance
  • Your kiddo can play with multiple toys at the same time
  • Good quality and made up of child-friendly material
  • A great way to teach your kid words, phrases, greetings, etc.
  • Comes with a package of more than 50 songs
  • Perfect for your cute little girl

Check it out on amazon here.


7. Ditty Bird Musical Nursery Rhyme Book


This interactive book of nursery rhymes is one of the best musical toys for toddlers that is unique in itself. It lets your baby push a button and listen to numerous nursery rhymes and sing along with them.

It teaches the logical relationship between cause and effect and is also helpful in refining the accuracy of your child’s finger movement.

This toy is a great choice to better the hearing ability as well as boost the early language acquisition by the child. The sound is soothing to the ears and the toy is extremely easy to use.

The page quality is excellent and filled with many colorful images under the rhymes.

As your child nods to the rhythmic patterns of the rhyme and tries to utter the words, he gains pre-literacy skills.

If you are not happy with one book, you can get the series of 17 books packed with rhymes and illustrations to make the growing years of your small child enjoyable and full of fun.

It is much appreciated for its quality and recommended by parents of young toddlers making it a great choice as a birthday gift or for any other occasion.

This product tops the list and is preferred for its uniqueness and the way it engages kids and retains their attention.

Your kid will love to spend time with this new friend of his. It can be used in different events like parties, picnics, etc. to keep your child happy and gay.

Why we like it:

  • The beautiful illustrations and colorful images will enhance the visual development of your kid
  • The sweet melodies of the nursery rhymes will make your kid develop great musical taste
  • The collection of popular and well-known songs makes the toy a great buy
  • Conducive towards the language development of the child
  • Comes with a trendy look and stylish presentation

Check it out on amazon here.


8. Auggie Drum Piano Xylophone Set-3 in 1


This compact 3-in-1 set of a drum, piano, and xylophone is one of the most favorite and best musical toys for toddlers, preferred by many parents for its great features and unique design.

Kids love sounds, colors, and lights and that is what this mini-musical instrument is made up of.

The compact design allows for the drum sticks to be placed at specified slots at the back of the toy, making it easily portable to any location of your choice.

Your kid can beat the drum or play the piano and the xylophone to his or her heart’s content and enjoy the sweet sounds and melodies that he creates on his own.

This toy is amazing to make your kid learn about a variety of instrumental and animal sounds, colors, and numbers.

The materials used are lead-free that guarantee child safety.

It possesses amazing kid-friendly features that would allow your child to be lost in his wonderland of music, tunes, and rhythms.

It is ideal for stimulating the different senses of the child as he would be involved in multiple activities at the same time, like beating the drums, watching the flashing lights, and hearing the sound or the music that is generated.

The simultaneous movement of the hands and the eyes enhance the motor skills as well as the visual ability of your tiny tot. You can go for it without a second thought and gift your child a happy and worth remembering childhood.

Why we like it:

  • A perfect toy to cultivate the musical talent of your little bundle of joy
  • The mixed bag of three instruments is awe-inspiring
  • The toy enhances a kid’s knack towards music and symphony
  • Made up of materials that are safe for your child to use
  • Automatic power off when unused ensures longer battery life
  • Very simple to assemble
  • Educates the child about numbers and animals that he finds around them

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9. Best Learning Musical and Educational Cube


This is the ideal toy for you if you want your child to be exposed to sounds, lights, and basic knowledge about alphabets and numbers, all at the same time.

It is extremely simple and easy to use since it has no complexity involved in the installation. This educational cube is power-packed and fully loaded with information that your child will unknowingly grasp while playing.

It makes the child travel to the land of numbers, alphabets, animal sounds, instrumental sounds, music, and colors just with the push of a button. Its high-quality technology caters to the multifarious needs of your baby to see, hear, touch, and develop all his senses.

The simple and basic design is effective in making your child happy while he plays with this.

Helping your kid to increase his analytical skills, this little toy is favored by many new parents.

It produces 37 different kinds of music out of which 10 are fun music, 12 are instrumental sounds and 15 are animal sounds. Your kid can carry it wherever he desires as it is easy to handle and operate.

The next time you wish to gift your kid a toy that they will love, you can confidently get your hands on this one. You would never regret purchasing this.

Why we like it:

  • The smooth design confirms the safety of the child
  • Comes with attractive lights and soothing music to keep your child fully absorbed
  • Ideal for teaching numbers, alphabets, animal sounds, and colors
  • Extraordinarily touch-sensitive to make it easy and fun to operate
  • Lightweight and can be easily carried by the small hands

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10. Huile Musical Dancing Duck


This beautiful duck is something that your little angel will never get tired of.

The vibrant colors on the duck’s body are appealing to the visual senses of your child. The 6 functional buttons placed on the chest of the duck would make every day a new learning experience for your child.

These toys are a great introduction for your kid to the musical universe of tunes and tones. It helps your child to identify the basic colors when they find them in their surroundings.

It can be easily operated by small, delicate fingers allowing your child to enjoy every moment that he spends with the toy. The music is soothing to the auditory nerves of your child and enhances his hearing abilities.

Activated voices, flashing lights make this toy a darling. The simple but elegant design of the duck is something that kids will fall for at the very moment of seeing it for the first time.

The cute movements of the duck when it slides on floors and moves its wings will never fail to bring the widest smile on those little lips! It is a wonderful toy to gift your child on different occasions such as birthday, Thanksgiving Day, etc.

Why we like it:

  • Six buttons with six different functions will always keep your kid busy and entertained
  • Made up of good material and guarantees safety
  • The varied colors on the duck’s body can be used to teach your kid about the different hues
  • Equipped with a good quality volume control system
  • The movement and twirling of the duck is certain to captivate the attention of your baby

Check it out on amazon here.


11. Bright Starts Musical Drum with Lights


The drum with the amazing lights is a great way to engage kids while they learn numbers, lay drums, and identify different colors that light up with the beats of the drum.

The rhythmic patterns are effective to make your child tap his feet to the beats and also develop a sense of rhythm and patterns. The simple and elegant design makes it a must-have for your little drummer to make sounds as per the desire of his heart.

You will love to see your baby improving his motor skills as he tries playing new beats on this fun toy. The display of the colored lights with every little tap of the delicate and tender palms is enough to engross your young drummer and make him lost in the world of music and beats. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

Why we like it:

  • A great interactive toy which teaches colors and numbers to your toddler
  • The lights are soothing to the eyes
  • The handle attached with it makes it super easy to carry wherever you go
  • A classic toy for your young drummer

Check it out on amazon here


12. iPlay iLearn Educational and Musical Turtle Toy


This product is much preferred by young parents who want their kids to play, learn, and enjoy at the same time.

This educational and musical turtle lets your child play and learn at the same time. Its eye-catching colors and unique features make it lovable for both infants and their parents.

It encourages the child to learn about new concepts while being amazed at the different colors and music that it has to offer.

The plastic used is durable and long-lasting enough for the effective performance of the product.

The shape and swift movement secure the attention of the child at the very first instance.

The theme of the little reptile introduces the child to the world of animals and the varieties in it.

The soft lights are soothing to the toddler’s eyes. Your child can either sit and play with it or allow it to crawl, making it fun for himself to chase and play along.

This item is great to upgrade the child’s hand-eye coordination, increase the problem-solving ability, cultivate his imagination and creativity, and provide great pleasure to his auditory and visual senses.

For its durability and easy portability, parents are full of appreciation for this engaging piece.

Why we like it:

  • It is great for developing your youngster’s cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Conducive to make your kid learn about shapes, colors, numbers
  • Can be used to teach English and Spanish
  • The soft lights and soothing music favor proper visual and auditory development
  • The crawling movement of the toy is something that kids are bound to love

Check it out on amazon here.


Final Thoughts

Buying the best plaything for your little one is always a challenging task. Toys that are educational as well as entertaining are not hard to find but selecting the right one is important.

The right kind of toy should contribute towards the holistic development of your baby, teach him new skills, provide him the right knowledge, and keep him entertained.

I hope this list of the best musical toys for toddlers was helpful!.

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