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10 Best Puzzles For 2 Year Olds (2021 Reviews)

Best Puzzles For 2 Year Olds, pic of toddler

Children start learning from a very young age. They love playing with puzzles in particular. It not only keeps your child busy, but it also helps in their brain development. Therefore, getting the best puzzles for 2 years olds is indeed a mindful decision. 

Puzzles help young children to enhance their problem solving skills and critical thinking and meanwhile they really enjoy solving them. 

The 10 Best Puzzles for 2 Year Olds (Fun & Learning)

We are sharing some of the best puzzles for 2 year olds which have been narrowed down after sifting through the internet. We hope that you’ll pick the best ones for your toddler! 

Melissa & Doug Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Alphabet, Numbers and Fish Colors)  – Best Puzzles For 2 Year Olds – Our Top Pick 

Best Puzzles For 2 Year Olds Wooden, pic of 3 puzzle set

To begin with one of the best puzzles for 2 year olds, we have the Melissa & Doug Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Set of 3). This is a great pick for teaching your kids about numbers, letters, colors and designs. You toddler will surely love it and it is our top pick.

This puzzle is specially designed for a two year old kid to prepare them for school by helping them learn numbers, alphabets and colors. 

The puzzle is made from solid yet very soft wood that will fit great in the soft hands of your toddler. It features popping colors that look very attractive to the kids. This 3 in 1 educational puzzle is all you need to develop the understanding of numbers, letters and colors. 

It also helps your child to improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, visual skills and pre-reading skills. 

This educational puzzle is basically a 3 into 1 combination that comes along one fish puzzle to help the kid to learn about colors, a number puzzle to help the kid learn about numbers and recognize them and the last puzzle is a letter puzzle that helps the kid to recognize alphabets and how to read them. 

These vibrant puzzles will help you and your toddler bond very well. You will be able to teach them to read alphabets, add numbers, guess the animals and make them tell their creative stories. 

Why We Like The Melissa & Doug Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Alphabet, Numbers and Fish Colors)

We like this educational puzzle set because of the following reasons :

  • Kids enjoy learning about numbers, letters and alphabets. Offers a great opportunity for the parents to ready their child for school.
  • It is tested for safety for two year old children and above.
  • It promotes kid’s motor skills, pre-reading skills, and hand-eye coordination while they also get familiar with basic education.
  • It develops your toddler’s visual perception.
  • While exploring this educational puzzle, your child will improve his cognitive skills.
  • Kids become more expressive and active.
  • The quality of wood is great. It doesn’t feel rough in the hands of kids. Also, the paint is great too.
  • The alphabet puzzle is great for teaching them their language and reading skills.

Check it out on Amazon here.


The Learning Journey: Multicolor Educational Puzzle 4-In-1 Puzzles

best puzzles for 2 year old educational, pic of puzzle piecesVIEW IT ON AMAZON

Next we have, The Learning Journey’s “My First Puzzle Sets, Farm 4 in 1 puzzle set. It is another great puzzle for your adorable toddler. 

This puzzle is very colorful and educational. It introduces your child to the animals they’re likely to see on a farm. These animals include a cute cow, a chubby pig and a shiny horse. 

You can even go for other versions than this farm puzzle. There are about 7 more puzzles that are available with each having 4 sets with characters your toddler will recognize. 

Apart from the farm theme, there is a letter theme, a number theme, a dinosaur theme, a color theme, an ocean theme, a jungle theme and one geometric shapes theme. In short, you will get a variety of puzzles for your two year old kid. 

Each of the sets comes with a different number of pieces. You will get puzzle sets ranging from 2 pieces to 4, 6 and finally 8. If you help your child to solve the puzzles in ascending order, then the largest puzzle will comprise all the smaller puzzles into one. It is a great and fun activity to indulge your child in. 

The pieces of the puzzle are of very good quality. They are completely safe and approved for two year olds. Also, the pieces are easy to pick up and play. The dimension of each puzzle is about 12.8″ X 8.5″. These puzzles will definitely be a great gift to your guys and girls of two years age. 

Why We Like The Learning Journey Puzzle Sets 

We like The Learning Journey Puzzles Set for the following reasons :

  • A great fun-filled puzzle with good quality material.
  • There are different sizes of puzzles in the set. So, your child will keep learning his way up to develop his/her skills.
  • This greatly helps in improving the fine motor skills and visual perception of your kid.
  • Best way to develop and nurture a kid’s problem solving skills and critical thinking.
  • Keeps your toddler busy so that you can do your work peacefully.
  • Different puzzles help the kid to learn different things. This way you will have a variety of educational material for your little one.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Wallxin Wooden Peg Puzzles Set – Farm, Pets, and Jungle Animals2 year old puzzle skills, pic of puzzle set of 3


If you’re looking for a great animal-themed puzzle for your toddler which will make their playtime fun and exciting, then this wooden peg puzzles set is the best pick for you. 

This puzzle from the brand Wallxin is among the best animal wooden peg puzzles. It features amazing Farm, pet and jungle themes that your child will find very attractive and entertaining. 

The puzzle is of great quality and has popping colors. There is a farm theme, a jungle theme and a pet theme. All of these come in six easy to hold pieces that will exercise your little one’s mind and help them indulge in educational learning activities. 

These awesome wooden pegs are designed to open up young children’s minds and improve their grasping power. They will open up to the new learning environment and improve their imagination abilities. 

Each farm, ocean and pet puzzle is filled with fun and creativity. Your kid will surely enjoy making stories and telling you. There are many animal characters he/she will be introduced to. 

The puzzle will give you a great chance to bring out your kid’s organizational skills by mixing all the pieces and asking them to fill the holes with appropriate ones. We know, there is nothing better than watching your child celebrating his/her little accomplishments. 

This puzzle is totally worth each penny you spend on it. It is great learning material for your young children. Apart from this, it also helps you to establish a strong bond with them by playing with them. 

Why We Like The Wallxin Wooden Peg Puzzles Set – Farm, Pets, and Jungle Creatures

We like this Wallxin wooden peg puzzle set for the following reasons :

  • This amazing puzzle lets your child explore the fun-filled playtime while learning about new things.
  • Helps your child to develop fine motor skills and organizational skills.
  • Kids will unleash their storytelling skills.
  • Making this puzzle will give them a sense of accomplishment which they will love to share with their friends and siblings. It will develop their socializing skills.
  • You don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety while playing with it as all of these puzzles are approved for safety.
  • They are very affordable and totally worth the amount of money you spend on them.
  • Also increases hand-eye coordination and visual learning ability.
  • These puzzles are great for developing a child’s communication skills. You will very soon hear them making the sounds of animals and understanding them.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Melissa & Doug Vehicles Themed Peg Puzzle (8 pcs)


If you’re looking for an excellent puzzle that your kid enjoy making while also developing their social, physical and imaginative skills then this Vehicles wooden peg is what you should gift your precious child. This puzzle is specially designed for helping children’s personal skills and storytelling abilities. This is one of the best puzzles for 2 year olds. 

These puzzles are made using special lightweight wooden pieces that feel very soft to touch. These will not hurt your kid’s soft fingers when they hold them. These 3 in 1 wooden peg puzzles include one alphabet puzzle that has 26 capital letters; one number puzzle that has 0 to 9 figures; and finally one vehicle puzzle that has a total of eight vehicles such as a helicopter, police van, truck, fire truck, bus, ambulance, garbage van, aeroplane etc. 

Using these puzzles you can make them learn about different vehicles and their application, teach them the sounds of letters and also make them learn basic mathematical functions like addition and subtraction. 

These puzzles are perfect for two year olds and above. These bright colored peg puzzles will seem very interesting to your kids and will develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Parents often find these puzzles to be great for preparing their children for their schooling. These also act as great educational material for them as they learn a lot while playing. 

Why We Like This Vehicles Wooden Peg Puzzle (8 pieces)

We like this vehicle puzzle for the following reasons :

  • This 3 in 1 puzzle is guaranteed to provide hours of fun playtime for your little heart.
  • It helps in developing self-confidence and patience in your kids. They feel accomplished after completing the puzzle.
  • You will be able to develop their social and personal skills as they will love sharing their achievements with their friends
  • Kids will develop their communication skills.
  • Their imagination lower and visual perception will get a boost. They will love creating cute and innocent stories while making these puzzles.
  • Provides an opportunity for your children to develop cognitive skills and motor learning through problem-solving.
  • Comes in vibrant colors your children will be attractive to.
  • Toddlers improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Boost their memory and critical thinking.


The Learning Journey: Self Correcting Puzzle Set 



Looking for a beautiful animal-themed puzzle to make your child explore the animal world, then why not buy The Learning Journey My First Match It, Head and Tails puzzle set. It features a total of 15 puzzles each with two wooden pieces. Your munchkin will surely enjoy matching the tails and heads of their favorite animals. These are best for children above 24 months. They can easily hold these pieces and play with them. The best part is you can easily take them to your travels. 

These educational puzzles showcase many animal characters that are great for both little boys as well as girls. Once you gift them these puzzles, there is a full guarantee that your kids will keep themselves engaged in learning problem solving and exercising their brains. 

Why We like This Puzzle From The Learning Journey 

We like this puzzle for the following reasons :

  • These puzzles will open up your child’s thinking power and encourage them to learn new things.
  • They will learn to recognize different animals.
  • The pieces of the puzzle are self-correcting. This means your kid will not struggle to match the right body parts.
  • The puzzle pieces are of great quality and are of good size. Your child will easily hold them.
  • These puzzles offer great play time and will keep the kids engaged for hours.
  • Parents can play guessing games with their kids to help them recognize the characters.
  • These puzzles are durable and are super affordable.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Wooden Puzzle For Toddlers 


Melissa & Doug’s mickey mouse puzzle is perfect for the kids who love Disneyland characters. In fact, Mickey and Minnie are kid’s most favorite characters to play with. 

Not just these two characters but your kids will also get familiar with famous Disney characters like Donald Duck, Pluto, Daisy Duck and others from the Clubhouse. 

They will get a total of eight easy to hold and good quality wooden pieces to manipulate. 

The cheerful characters and vibrant colors will make your kids go gaga during the awesome playtime. These puzzle pieces are so sturdy and can stand apart from the board. This means kids will be able to play with them aside from fixing them on the puzzle board. 

Also, the puzzle board has pictures of each character so that your child will not find it difficult to make the right selection of pieces to complete the puzzle. Melissa & Doug make some of the best puzzles for 2 year olds.

These puzzles are great for both girls and boys of age 24 months and above. 

Why We Like The Melissa And Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Puzzle

  • First and foremost, kids love the Disneyland characters. They will surely love you for this amazing gift.
  • The puzzle pieces are big and chunky. Thus, your toddlers will hold and manipulate them easily without harming themselves.
  • They will improve their organization skills and can practise sorting and matching.
  • These puzzles will boost their memory. They will be able to recognize the characters.
  • The pieces are good for playing outside the board. Means if the kid is in no mood of making puzzles, he can play with the individual characters.
  • Helps in developing motor, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • These puzzles are travel friendly and don’t take much of your space.
  • These are made using lightweight wood which is also long lasting.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden 7- Piece Puzzle 


If you’ve ever noticed that your little one is attracted towards the working tools then why not gift him this amazing puzzle? 

This toolset based puzzle is great for educating your kid about the use of various equipment. This will aid in their early development. 

There are a total of seven pieces in these puzzles which a two year old can easily manipulate with his little hands and imagination. The set features a saw, a pair of screwdrivers, a set of pliers, a wrench and a measuring tape. This is an amazing puzzle to develop fine motor skills in the child. 

While playing with this puzzle, kids will learn a lot about the working tools and how they’re used. Their imagination power will also be raised. This highly interactive puzzle will surely make them learn new things which other kids of the same age don’t know about. 

The wooden pieces are quite sturdy and are of good size. It is highly recommended for making the playtime exciting and educational. 

Why We Like The Melissa & Doug Tools Wooden 7-Piece Puzzle

We like this tool puzzle for the following reasons :

  • First and foremost, it offers a great playtime.
  • Children can play with their friends which in turn develop their social skills.
  • The quality of wood is great and the pieces are chunky, so there are no choking hazards.
  • This puzzle is super affordable and is made to last for long.
  • It will help your child to open up his thinking abilities.
  • They will get extra knowledge about the variety of working tools.
  • The colorful pieces attract the kids and improve their visual perception.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Melissa & Doug Minnie Mouse Wooden Puzzles – Mix and Match Dresses For Minnie Mouse


If you have a little girl at home then you should definitely buy this Minnie Mouse puzzle. Not just the girls but if your little dude is a fan of Disney characters then he will also enjoy playing with this beautiful puzzle. 

This puzzle is of moderate level as there are a total of 8 pieces that your kid has to join. These puzzles are designed to exercise your kid’s brain and visual perception. While playing with these, kids will become more curious and small. Their social, emotional and physical skills will be improved to a greater extent. 

These are made from chunky wooden pieces that don’t have any sharp edges. Your little one can hold them easily and will have a great time playing with them. 

There is an 11-piece dress set up in which the kids can match their favorite outfits for their favorite Minnie mouse. Furthermore, the puzzle board also has pictures so that child can easily complete the given puzzle. 

Why We Like The Melissa & Doug Minnie Mouse Wooden Puzzles – Mix and Match Dresses For Minnie Mouse

  • The Minnie mouse puzzle is going to keep your kids busy for a long time. So, you don’t have to worry about them getting bored.
  • Apart from offering them an exciting and fun playtime, this puzzle is meant to develop coordination between their hands and eyes and they recognize the things in a much better way.
  • Your adorable kid will also develop empathy, passion and self-confidence while making the puzzles.
  • Kids will love dressing up the Minnie Mouse and will happily share their experiences with friends and siblings.
  • You will get a wonderful opportunity to hear sweet imaginative stories from your munchkins.
  • The product is completely safe for the children of two years and above.
  • This puzzle set is a great value for money and will last for long.

Check it out on Amazon here.


  1. Melissa and Doug Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzle For Toddlers 


If you want your child to have a most exciting and fun playtime then this durable and travel-friendly puzzle is for you. It is a vehicle themed puzzle that comes in a set of four. 

It is specially designed to improve problem-solving, motor learning, cognitive, hand-eye coordination and communication skills of 2-year-olds and above. The 12-piece puzzle will take the learning experience of your loving child to the next level. 

Your little one will get four types of different puzzles. There is a school bus, a race car, a fire engine and a steam train. These are perfect for both girls and boys. 

The puzzle pieces are made from chunky wood and are of good size. They can fit in the hands of your kids very well. Plus, you will get a sturdy wooden box for storing these puzzles. 

Why We Like This Vehicle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Totally worth the amount you pay. Plus, the storage box comes very handy and is travel friendly.
  • The pieces are of good size and are soft to touch by little hands.
  • Kids can either play with themselves or play with their friends /siblings.
  • Ideal as a pre-school education tool.
  • Helps you in developing patience and curiosity in your children.
  • They learn about different vehicles and what they’re used for.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Melissa & Doug Shapes Chunky Puzzle


The bright colors and patterns makes this a fun puzzle for kids to learn shapes. The material is durable and chunky enough for little hands. This puzzle can be enjoyed by kids ages 2-4.

Providing the word associated with the shape is also a nice added feature that this puzzle provides. Many other shape puzzles don’t have the wording. This makes it more appropriate for kids who are also older than 2 years of age.

This shape puzzle was a must-have on our list of the best puzzles for 2 year olds.

How many puzzle pieces should a 2 year old have?

Two year olds can work on puzzles with 4-12 puzzle pieces, but the level of difficulty can vary and so can the ability of the child to complete the puzzle. It is best to start with jumbo wooden puzzle pieces with knobs for easier hand grasping.

If your 2 year old toddler has never engaged with puzzles before, it is best to start with 3-4 pieces. Then move on to puzzles with more pieces such as the ones from this list.

I used this puzzle set when my child was one years old to introduce puzzles and the concept of matching.


Final Thoughts

We hope you found this list of the top best puzzles for 2 year olds helpful in narrowing your choices of the best puzzles for learning and playing. Puzzles are a great addition to a toddler’s toybox. If you have a small shelf to feature them, that is even better and what I use for my toddler’s play items.

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