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Write and Get Paid Instantly Online

Did you know that you can write and get paid instantly? It may sound too good to be true, but it is true! If you are a mom looking forward to working from home in order to stay home with your kids while earning some money writing and enjoying what you do, then keep on reading.

It is important to note that you can start off with these sites and as you build up your writing portfolio you can apply for other options that pay even more (although many sites here pay very well!).

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If you need help deciding what to write about, check out this resource with over 200+ niche writing topics.

11 Writing Sites That Pay (write and get paid instantly)

1. Listverse

It is one of the top 10 original websites and it can prove very beneficial financially speaking for writers looking for work. If you have a list article, you can apply to work for them for a decent $100 article. The list should be unique and interesting.

If it gets approved, then Listverse will send you a confirmation e-mail and pay the amount via Paypal. Every item on the list should have between one and two paragraphs. If your list gets rejected, you won’t get paid but you can apply again nonetheless.

To learn more visit:

2. Wonderlist

If you have a stand-out-of-the-crowd idea that can be made into a list then you can submit your proposal to Wonderlist. Word count should be above 1,500 words and it should have 10 items. The article shouldn’t be published on another site already. You will get credit as an author on the post which will add up when it comes to building your freelance writing resume.

As with Listverse, the article should be approved beforehand. Topics that aren’t allowed include drugs, adult themes, violence, and gambling. Pay is low though. It is $5 for every approved article and is paid via Paypal. Don’t get discouraged though; it is a start and the following sites on this list offer relatively good pay for your articles.

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3. Make a Living Writing

If you are into the business side of freelance writing and feel like making anywhere from $75 to $150 for each post, then Make a Living Writing is a site to consider. Some of the topics you can cover are copywriting, blogging, ghost-writing, balance between life and work, marketing, productivity, etc. Ideas should be pitched and you should follow them on their Facebook page to get notified.

To learn more visit:

4. Writers Weekly

If you have an article on making money writing, then you may as well present your article to this site. Articles should be 600 words and they pay $60. Generic topics should be avoided and your article should provide the reader with valuable information on the topic at hand. Before applying, make sure you submit a query letter. They will normally reply in less than a week.

To learn more visit:

5. Funds for Writers

Just like the past site, Funds for Writers is interested in articles on making a living writing. Articles should be between 500 and 600 words and the pay is $50. Content should be concise so avoiding circumventing is a good thing to do. You can share success stories, several ways on how to make money writing, etc.

To learn more visit:

6. Barefoot Writer

Again, this is another site on how to make money working from home as a writer. Payments are high, starting at $100 and up to $300 if the article gets published. You should pay close attention to submission guidelines though.

They can take a lot of time to respond to your pitch since they have many submissions every day. You can always submit your idea again but keep in mind that if it has been two weeks and they haven’t replied back, chances are they are not interested.

To learn more visit:

7. FreelanceMom

If you are reading this article, then there’s a high chance that you are a mom who either is or wants to become a freelance writer. They accept content that provides practical tips on topics such as business, money, productivity, and personal development among others. Work should be original and payment is $75 to $100 paid via Paypal.

To learn more visit:

8. Dollar Stretcher

People nowadays love frugality and with good reason. The global crisis scenario along with rising costs due to inflation make the Dollar Stretcher a perfect source to go to when it comes to spending less and still living a good life. If you can write an article on how to save either money or time, then you should submit your post to the Dollar Stretcher.

The article should be less than 800 words and payment is 10 cents per word which means you will get $80 if your 800 word article gets approved. You should check out their content as they don’t post articles with similar ideas of articles posted already on their site. Also, and for the sake of time, send them your pitch before starting to write your article.

To learn more visit:

9. International Living Magazine

This site is interested in living, real estate, retiring, and travel topics. If you have insider information on certain cities and spots then they will consider your proposal. They pay very well. For example, they will pay  $225 for a 900 word article. If you also send them photographs and they decide to use them, they they will pay you $50 to use them.

To learn more visit:

10. Her View from Home

As a mom, you should know about parenting, relationships, family, and faith. If you have original pieces or even those that have already been published, then you can write an article that is between 600 and 800 words. Payment can go up to $100 but it depends on the number of views the article gets.

To learn more visit:

11. EatingWell

This site is a food magazine that promotes healthy eating habits. If you have either a food story or a health trend you could write about, then you can submit an article to their site. Payment is really, really good. It is $1 per word which means $500 for a 500 word article! However, lead times can be long. It can take your article up to 6 months to get published, even after it is already approved.

To learn more visit:

Final Thoughts

These article websites that pay you to write for them are a good way to earn some extra income or even make a full-time income. It could be quite enjoyable to get paid to write about your life or anything you have knowledge or experience with doing. The chance to write and get paid instantly is great to take advantage of if you like to write.

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