Freedom With Writing Review – Is It a Scam?

Freedom with Writing Review: girl writing

Freedom With Writing Review

You love to write and want to make money with it as a freelance writer. Freedom With Writing may be a good option for you.

Let’s find out more about this subject and see if it is a good fit for you and what benefits it can provide for your writing career.

What is Freedom with Writing?

Freedom with Writing is an online, free magazine destined for freelance writers. Basically, you subscribe to their newsletter and they will search individually, any available jobs for you from legit companies, and send them via email. That way, you will have more options from which you can choose and you will save several hours looking for new projects yourself.

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The purpose of this site it’s to help busy people start successful online writing careers.

They will look up legit companies that are looking to hire writers and connect you as a writer with them.

It’s a time-effective way to start your online writing career. If you are a full-time mom, your time it’s crucial. You have only a small amount of time in a day to handle other things besides taking care of the kids. So you have to maximize the best of your free time.

How Does Freedom With Writing Work?

Freedom With Writing is a legitimate way that will help you launch your writing career. You have to enter their website, subscribe to their newsletter, which is a quick process; it will take you less than one minute.

Then you will receive emails from Freedom With Writing which will include job opportunities for you and you can apply directly from your email. Basically, they will link you with the right writing sites and you can choose from the jobs on the list that suit you best. 

Imagine writing for NBCNews? They had a recent listing for a writer which I only knew about since I am subscribed to Freedom With Writing.

Freedom with writing also has occasional contests which is another great opportunity for you to earn extra money. For example, you can compete with a poem or story and if you win, you can earn $200 or even $500 or more depending on the contest.

Since I decided to sign up for Freedom With Writing, I received a contest offer in my email inbox that looked like this:

poster for essay contest

I also got this in my email inbox:

an ad for writing short stories


Freedom with Writing also provides you with quality articles on writing and other related information. This is useful and will help you develop your writing skills and therefore your freelancer career.

When you first sign up, they offer a free webinar all about writing. Last week, I even received a free ebook with helpful writing tips.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Started?

This is another great piece of news because it’s a free subscription with zero cost to you. You have nothing to lose by trying it. The purpose of Freedom with Writing is to help new writers build a career, and they are committed to this by providing you a free service that is highly efficient.

You can try it and see if it works for you and it will cost you nothing.

How Much Can You Earn?

Your earnings will depend on the projects you choose and how much you will write. As I said earlier, it’s not a stiff job with a 9 to 5 time-frame. You can choose when you want to work and what projects to apply for. Also, if you participate in the contests they organize from time to time, you have yet another opportunity to make extra money from your writing.

If you rely on only one writing company to supply you with writing projects, this could be a problem.

This is why Freedom With Writing is awesome. They will send you as many job opportunities as they can so you can have a steady amount of work. It’s best to always have a back-up list of options that you can go to whenever you are running out of writing jobs.

Final Thoughts

If you want to pursue a writing career but you don’t have much time or energy to put into searching the right jobs for you, you can easily subscribe to Freedom with Writing. You will be able to receive a list of available jobs from which you can choose the one that you think is right for you. If you’ve been thinking about getting started writing but you don’t know where to start, this is a good starting point You will have nothing to lose, and on the contrary, you can boost your earnings and do what you like most! 

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Freelance Writing Jobs From Home with Freedom With Writing: girl writing

Freedom With Writing Review

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