Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – How To Start

 pic of laptop for online transcription jobs for beginnersAre you a stay at home mom who wants to look after her kids and also make some money online? Maybe you’ve been wondering how you are going to sustain your stay at home lifestyle without pay. Learning about online transcription jobs for beginners could be the answer for you. 

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There are hundreds of people out there earning a solid income doing online freelancing from home. 

Transcription is one of the most flexible jobs for work from home moms and most companies pay weekly or bi-weekly via PayPal.

It basically entails listening to audio files and typing what you hear. The typed document is then submitted to the client for review and payment.

While transcription jobs vary in their levels of complexity, they usually require little experience and capital to start you off.

I do however, recommend you get some free transcription info. to help prepare you for this type of work. Getting the right transcription training will also help to accelerate your earnings! You can get started training with this Free Transcription 7-Day Mini-course.

As a beginner in transcription, the basic things you will need is a computer, headphones and high-speed internet connection. 

Below, I have compiled a list of companies that pay well for your transcription job. These sites are genuine and offer a wide range of transcription jobs for qualified transcribers. 

Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners (and Pros)


TranscribeMe offers you a good starting point to kick off your transcription career. You can access the website from whichever part of the world you live even though the company is based in California. The pay ranges from $10-20 an hour. To work with Transcribe Me, they require that you first pass a transcription test after which you gain full admission.

This company is fairly easy to join and the pay ranges anywhere from $7-20 an hour. Most transcription sites don’t accept applications from English non-native transcribers but with, you can put in your application even if you live in non-native English-speaking countries. Applicants wanting to become a transcriptionist with Rev, must pass a grammar test and also complete a short transcription job. Once you’ve been accepted to work with them, you will undergo some training before taking on any jobs.


This company is quite popular in offering online transcription jobs for beginners. It requires passing a grammar and transcription test in order to work with them and it is one of the few companies that will hire without experience. Quicktate pays through PayPal twice every other month. Keep in mind since they do accept transcriptionists with no experience, the pay rate is low, ranging from $3-8 an hour.


Scribbie is very popular with beginners because freelancers working with Scribbie can get hired as transcriptionists without any experience. Working for Scribbie is quite flexible since you can choose what project to take. You must have an account with PayPal to work with them.


Tigerfish is one of the oldest transcription companies in the world. Established in 1989, Tigerfish has been providing transcription jobs for both seasoned and amateur transcribers. They pay $3-4 for every line you transcribe.


Appen pays higher for every job undertaken. They pay $10 per audio hour. To join the company, you, however, need to obtain some form of training. If you have trained in transcription this is the site to choose.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is only available for native transcribers in the USA and Canada. AccuTran Global pays per word, with each word going at $0.005 per word for basic projects and $0.0066 for complex jobs.


This company is a California based transcription company paying transcriber $0.25 per minute for all entry-level transcribers and $1.0 for more experienced transcribers. To work for Speechpad you need to pass a basic transcription and grammar test.

Casting Words

This is a platform for clients to order transcription jobs online. The pay here varies greatly depending on the type of transcription and the amount a particular client is willing to pay for a given job. Competent transcribers working for Casting Words can make as much as $7.50 per minute.


If you want to work for a well-paying transcription company, SpeakWrite is one of the best transcription companies to choose. Top freelancers here earn up to $3000 every month. There are many jobs available throughout the year to keep you busy as a freelance transcriptionist.

Birch Creek Communications

This company offers transcribers a vast range of jobs to choose from. The company allows for online transcription jobs for beginners to join and start working at relatively higher rates when compared to other companies. It is the number one choice for many just starting out.


To join this company, you are required to pay a $10 registration fee that is refundable if you don’t get approval. But, if you are successful, you will be required to pay subscription charges to sustain your account. This company does hire transcriptionists without experience. Payments are made through PayPal twice a month.


This company really stresses accuracy. They pay for online transcription jobs for beginners as high as they pay seasoned workers. This implies that to get paid, you must do your best work on every project you undertake. The pay is between $10-19 per hour. Payments are made through PayPal and Skrill.


One great thing with this company is that they provide fresh training modules to help you get started. Once you enrol, then signup to their services, you start working and earning almost immediately.

Transcribe Anywhere

This company just like CrowdSurf, offers online transcription courses for newcomers. They teach how to successfully transcribe as well as how to start your own transcription business. At an affordable fee, you get awesome training and then get to work and start earning. They also offer a free transcription mini-course here that anyone can join.

Go Transcript

Go Transcript pays an average of $0.60 cents for an audio minute. This implies that if you are relatively quick at typing, you will make good cash out of this site. They hire online transcribers worldwide, so if you live in the UK, Canada, or any other country, you can apply! To get access to this site you need to pass a non-native English speaker transcription test.

In addition to transcribing, this site also offers editing job opportunities to eligible transcribers. They run assessment tests to test your grammar, punctuation and speed accuracy. After you get the acceptance, you can pick orders directly from their listing. Transcribe pays through PayPal.

Upwork is a leading giant in the provision of online consultancy services. To gain access to this site, applicants must first create a user profile, and once an applicant gets approval, they can access job listings which are won competitively through placing bids. Online transcription jobs for beginners without experience are welcome to respond to the companies that are hiring.


This company offers you one of the best work from home transcription jobs. Verbalink is for US based transcriptionists. They offer market research, academic, medical, and legal transcription jobs.


BAM specializes in legal, corporate, finance, entertainment and research services. To join the BAM transcription community, contact them by phone or send them your resume and cover letter for admission.


Athreon offers transcription jobs in the specialized fields of academia and research, interviews, media, legal, and medical transcription. They provide steady work but you must reside in North America to apply.

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In Summary

As you can see, with all the companies that offer online transcription jobs for beginners, transcriptionists are in high demand. The transcription field is so ideal for stay at home moms or anyone looking to work from home. The work is flexible and with reasonable pay even if you are just learning how to become a transcriptionist.

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