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DIY Project Ideas To Do For The Home (Mega List!)

Looking for some DIY project ideas? If you are looking for something specific, the table of contents section will help you find it. You may even find other home project ideas you also like. While browsing, you’ll find various diy ideas for different parts of the home including kitchen ideas, diy bedroom ideas, backyard diy ideas and more. Links to other blogs are provided so you can access the specific project idea.

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Table of Contents

Kitchen and Dining DIY

DIY White Ceramic and Glass Vases

If you love the look of milky white vases and decor, you will love this idea. You can do this so inexpensively and it looks beautiful against dark furniture or any furniture for that matter. The key product you will need to get this look is Rust-oleum spray paint in gloss white. You can get inexpensively online here.

If you want to see how to do this, click the link to view the post from the ‘Happier Homemaker’…DIY White Ceramic & Glass Vases

Doily Lit Mason Jar Decor

Here is another great way to decorate with mason jars. This project combines the rustic (using burlap) and the romantic (using doilies, ribbon, and tea lights). This is a lovely, inexpensive, and quick project to do. This craft is presented by ‘Crafts by Amanda’ where you can get further details on how this project was completed.

Click the link to see this mason jar decor project…Doily Lit Mason Jar Decor

How To Make Cloth Napkins From Bed Sheets

This is an eco-friendly and cost-saving idea. Instead of reaching for paper towels or paper napkins, how about using some washable napkins?

Goddess Hobbies shares on her blog how you can make your own cloth napkins out of bed sheets. If you like this project idea, click the link to follow the step-by-step tutorial…Cloth Napkins From Bed Sheets

How To Turn Appliances Into Stainless Steel For 25!

From the Kim Six Fix blog, Kim shares how she turned her white garbage compactor into stainless steel (faux stainless steel film). It looks just like the real thing only so much cheaper! I am not suggesting you do this to your other appliances like your fridge and stove, but for smaller appliances, it may be a wise and cost-effective idea.

To buy another garbage compactor in stainless steel would have cost between $500-1200! Instead, Kim did this simple project so her garbage compactor would look similar to her other stainless steel appliances.

To see how this project was done, click the link..Turning Appliances Into Stainless Steel For $25

How To Build a Canned Food Storage Rack

The Amy and Toby blog shares how to build a canned food storage rack that self-rotates. If you have limited space in your cupboards, this is a super idea. This is one of the most popular diy project ideas. The fact that you can see all the cans at once is also brilliant and will save you time and money buying canned goods because you can easily see what you have and items that you don’t have at home.

To see the project on how to build this caned food storage rack, click the link..Canned Food Storage

Before and After Dream Kitchen Transformation

At the Cote de Texas blog you can see a beautiful dream kitchen transformation. You won’t believe it was the same kitchen when you see the both the before and after photos. The white cabinets against the gray walls look stunning in my opinion.

If you want to see the details of this transformation, click the link...Before & After Dream Kitchen Transformation

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets DIY Project

Kitchen remodeling can be quite expensive if you have to install brand new kitchen cabinets. You can save a lot of cost by painting your existing cabinets. A few coats of paint and new accessories can make a big difference to the look of your kitchen. shows us how you can do this project yourself with step by step instructions.

If you’d like to see how this could be done and want to do this project at home, click the link ..How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How To Make a Unique Backsplash Using Stencil

backsplash using stencil

Instead of using tile which is permanent, using stencil as a backsplash is a brilliant idea since you could always tile over it if you later choose to do so.

Jeanette over at the Snazzy Little Things blog presents a DIY project on how you can make a unique backsplash by using stencil.To see step by step how to make a stenciled backsplash, visit the link…How To Make a Unique Backsplash Using Stencil

Before and After Country Style Cabinet Transformation


Do you have a huge cabinet in your living room that you want to makeover? Don’t be intimidated even if it looks too big. It can be stressful at first, but once you start work on it, you’ll see it’s easier than you thought it would be.

The blog Simply Vintageous by Suzan has shown how she transformed a boring piece of furniture into a beautiful one, just by painting it white and choosing the things on display there very well.Take a look at the blogger’s photos by clicking the link..Cabinet Transformation

Bedroom DIY

Old Dresser Makeover Project

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. This dresser was a freebie.

With a little bit of work, it now serves as a beautiful linen organizer. You can see details on this project from the “Cameras and Chaos” blog at the link…Old Dresser Makeover Project

How to Build a Corner Unit With Twin Storage Beds

corner unit

Storage beds are great. They provide a lot of storage space underneath, perfect for a small bedroom. If you have twin storage beds, you can make use of the corner space by building a hutch.

Ana White has shared the plans for a corner unit. Her detailed building plans are such that you can add your own touches afterwards; you can choose to have a mirror, for example, rather than a corkboard. The hutch can serve as a bookcase, or a simple storage for any teenager’s stuff. If you want to know how to build a corner unit for twin storage beds, check out the link …Corner Unit for the Twin Storage Bed

Small Space Kid Bedroom For Two

This cute bedroom for two girls makes very good use of a small space.  An alternative to bunk beds, this bed concept for two uses corner space to make really good use of a small room.

Photo Source:

How To Build a Loft Bed – Free Plans

Ana White homemaker shares on her website how you can build your own loft bed. This is perfect for small spaces since it maximizes the vertical space in a room. You can have a homework, reading area, or play area below.

You can see DIY free plans to construct this loft bed with step by step instructions. There are pics of completed projects sent in by readers who used the free plans to build their own loft beds. Click the link below to see and get access to the free plans for this loft bed…How To Build a Loft Bed

DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard Tutorial

DIY- diamond-tufted-headboard

Diamond tufted headboards don’t have to be expensive if you make it yourself. The project is worth it because the diamond tufted decor look is quite beautiful.

You can follow an excellent tutorial that is well detailed and easy to follow from the Homemade by Carmona blog. See the link  to view more photos and instructions…DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard 

How To Re-purpose a Wooden Door Into a Beautiful Headboard

Here is a DIY to beautify your bedroom if you need a headboard for your bed.

The Buildipedia website shares how to re-purpose a wooden door into a beautiful headboard. You can choose any fabric to match the decor in your bedroom. This tutorial is excellent with photos and text instructions to guide you every step of the way to complete this decorating project. To view the tutorial on how to re-purpose a wooden door to make a beautiful headboard, click the link…Re-purpose a Wooden Door Into a Headboard

How to Build a Farmhouse Storage Bed with Storage Drawers

farmhouse bed storage

Farmhouse beds are great especially if you have a small bedroom. Aside from looking great, it offers a lot of storage space. Ana White has shared a detailed, step-by-step plans for building one, and she has some photos, too, of the finished product sent in by her readers.

If you have a small bedroom and you want to have both storage drawers and a bed, check out the tutorial for a DIY Farmhouse Storage Bed in the link..Farmhouse Storage Bed with Storage Drawers

How to Build a Glowing LED Pallet Bed

pallet bed

Pallet beds in the bedroom? It looks rustic and it looks great! If you want to have one, consider having a LED pallet bed instead. It’s just a pallet bed with LED string lights underneath.

The website Diply has shared a tutorial for a LED pallet bed. It’s very, very easy to make and within just a couple of hours, you will have your own glowing bed frame. So cool, eh? If you want to make your own LED pallet bed, check out the tutorial at the link …DIY Glowing LED Pallet Bed

Framing a Bed With Curtains

Use curtains (full height of the wall) to frame a bed.Then add some simple picture frames or one big picture frame over the bed wall. This room has a hotel feel making perfect for a guest bedroom.

How To Make a Crystal Baby Mobile

The God Bless Our Nest blog shares a tutorial on how to make a crystal baby mobile.

It may be a little time consuming to make but it looks quite simple to make and very pretty for a nursery room. If you want to see this project to make your own crystal baby mobile, click the link…Crystal Baby Mobile

Backyard and Outdoor DIY

Wooden Pallet Porch DIY Project 

From the Redo Redux blog, you can see a do it yourself project using wooden pallets to create a front porch. This is a great way to recycle wood and use inexpensive wood to create a lovely place to hang out.

If you like this project and want do see how it is done, click the link …Wooden Pallet Porch DIY Project

Repurpose Shower Curtains Into A Bench Cushion

At the CSI Project website you can see a project on re-purposing shower curtains into a bench cushion. Shower curtains are a great idea for outdoors since it can withstand moisture and they are inexpensive. You can see the whole project from start to finish with photos on how to create your own bench cushion.

To see this bench cushion DIY Project, click the link..DIY Bench Cushion Project

How To Make Unique Pallet Chairs

How To Make Unique Pallet Chairs project

The Flea Market Gardening blog shares how to make unique pallet chairs. These chairs are so inexpensive to make and will look great on a patio, or in the garden or yard.

To see the excellent detailed tutorial on how to make these pallet chairs, click the link ..How To Make Unique Pallet Chairs

15 Fun Outdoor Projects You Can Do For Your Back Yard

outdoor projects

Having a backyard can be very good if you love DIY outdoor projects. There are just so many things you can make for your backyard!

The blogger behind Addicted 2 Decorating, for example, was looking forward to moving to a house with a backyard. In preparation for that, she collated 15 outdoor projects you can do. Some of the suggested projects include making an outdoor walkway for your cats, making a stone paver patio, turning an old light globe into a bird feeder, and so much more. Making these projects can be a lot of fun for you, and the end result will certainly be enjoyed by your family! Want to know more outdoor projects you can do and see the details? Read the other suggestions at the link ..15 Outdoor Projects For Your Back Yard

51 Budget-Friendly DIY Backyard Ideas


If you have a backyard and are looking for DIY ideas, you would love the post by Buzzfeed. There are 51 projects there that are absolutely gorgeous, including a few that kids will love, from a homemade race car track to a fun splash pad with just a slide, a sprinkler, and a tarp.

To see what you can do in your backyard, go to the link for the suggestions from Buzzfeed…51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

24 Easy Garden Projects You Can Make

garden projects

It’s summer once again, time to look at your yard and see what outdoor projects you can do to make your time spent there more enjoyable. Best Plants has 24 suggestions for DIY projects that you can make, from making a porch swing (lovely!), to making a bird bath or a vertical flower bed.

If you want to make something for your garden this summer, go to the link for some easy DIY project ideas…24 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make

How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouse


Have you ever thought of making a small greenhouse for your garden? It’s not so expensive to make, especially if you have the materials already. There was a post in Mother Earth News which talked about how to make one, and you only need railroad ties to make a three-tier raised garden bed. All in all, the writer spent less than $100 to make the mini-greenhouse.

Check out the tutorial at the link if you’d like to know how to make your own greenhouse in the garden…Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouse

How to Build Your Own Covered Greenhouse Garden


Want to build your own greenhouse in your backyard? We know that greenhouses are huge and expensive, but there is a way to make it doable. Build a small one yourself.

The Swing N Cocoa blog has shared a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to build a small greenhouse. It protects your plants and vegetables from wind and rain, while keeping wayward animals away from it. It can be done on a weekend, and you can plant a lot of things in it, from tomatoes and cantaloupes, to onions and squash. You can even put in an automatic watering system! If you’re interested in building a greenhouse in your garden, please refer to the tutorial at the link…Covered Greenhouse Garden

17 Amazingly Easy (and Inexpensive!) Curb Appeal Ideas

curb appeal ideas

Beautifying your home is sometimes a never-ending task but always a pleasure to see afterwards. One thing that can always be improved is the curb appeal–you can do more than just clean the area around your house. Listotic has 17 inexpensive and easy to implement ideas to improve the curb appeal of your home, from making a bench around the tree to painting faux garage windows.

Take a look at the link for the suggested curb appeal ideas you can do…17 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

How To Create a Summer Lounger

How To Create a Summer Lounger

This is a neat idea found on the Moda Bakeshop blog. You can make your own summer lounger perfect for sunbathing. The pouches are great to storing your water bottle, a snack, and your suntan lotion.

If you want to see how to create this summer lounger, click the link..Create a Summer Lounger

How To Build a Hanging Daybed Swing

*Update: The creator of this project has removed their blog, but you may find other interesting DIY and craft projects here.

Having a hanging daybed swing to relax in day or night would be so wonderful. This do-it-yourself project from was very nicely done with an excellent tutorial to show in details, all the steps to complete this project.

Quick and Easy Way to Edge Your New Flower Garden

edge a garden

Are you new at gardening but want to make a go of it? Even as an amateur, you can do a lot to make your garden look beautiful, including making an edge so that it stands out from the rest of the yard.

The blogger from The Creek Line House has written a tutorial on how to edge a flower or shrub garden. Since she’s new to gardening, she has given simple instructions, but by the time you finish, it will look as if someone professional had done it. If you want to try making an edge for your flower garden, read the tutorial at the link..How to Edge a Flower Garden

How To Grow Roses From One Cutting


A lot of people would like to grow roses, but can’t seem to do it from cuttings. They may have used a pot with no drainage, or the cutting was done in such a way that it resulted in rot rather than root. It’s actually easy to root roses, but only if you know how to do it.

Hartwood Roses has given a step-by-step photo tutorial of how to root your roses. All the needed materials are mentioned, as well as how to cut the stems, and how to plant them to make sure they produce roots.

If you plan on rooting roses and want to find out how to do it, refer to the tutorial at the link…Rooting Roses

How to Build a Garage Mini House

garage mini-house

Making over a small house to make the space bigger is not easy to do. However, it’s what Natalia Repolovsk did as seen in Shoebox Dwelling as she transformed an old garage into a fully functioning stunning little house.

To see how big a 250 sq.m. house can look like, go to the link…Garage Mini House

How to Build Your Own Vertical Garden Tower

Vertical Garden

Do you like gardening but don’t have a lot of space? Try vertical gardening! You will have more gardening and planting space, and it looks good too.

The website Remove and Replace has a tutorial for a DIY Garden Tower Planter. The materials needed cost around $200, and you have to use a compound miter saw. It can also take you at least 16 hours to make. However, the end result is definitely worth it. See the tutorial to make your own vertical garden tower…How To Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

How to Grow Watermelon on Trellises

watermelon trellis

Having watermelons in your garden is good; it can produce fruit the whole year round, and if you take care of them well, the fruit will grow big and sweet. While it’s true that they take up a lot of space, you can use a trellis if your garden is too small.

If you have a small garden and want to grow watermelons, view the video below for the instructions on growing them on a trellis…

How To Build Criss Cross Outdoor Planters


Criss cross planter are stunning to have and showcase your plants. The Centsational Girl blog shares a DIY project on how to build criss cross outdoor planters so that you can follow along and make them too. The post provides excellent details to help you complete this project.

To view this DIY project on building criss cross planters for your outdoor space, visit the link…Criss Cross Outdoor Planters

DIY Awesome Kids Playhouse Reveal

kids playhouse

Having a big playhouse for kids in the backyard can cost a lot. However, if you build it yourself, plus make all the things inside, it won’t cost as much. Fynes Designs has made an amazing playhouse for her two kids, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It will double as a shed during winter, too, when the kids don’t use it.

If you want to make your kids’ playhouse, hop on over to the link to be inspired…Kids Playhouse Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Various Home Decor DIY

Cute Storage Boxes From Old Sweaters and Boxes

Cute Storage Boxes From Old Sweaters and Boxes2

This is a great project that doesn’t have to cost you anything to make if you have the items at home already. You can reuse boxes and sweaters to make a cute storage box.

The Thrifty an Chic blog shares this DIY project. You can see the tutorial details for instructions at the link..Cute Storage Boxes Tutorial 

How To Make a Comfy and Colorful Bubble Blanket

bubble blanket

This is a cute blanket that can be made using pieces of scrap fabric that you have from leftover from other projects. Skyler over the Awaiting Ada blog shares how to make a comfy and colorful bubble blanket. This DIY tutorial is easy to follow with step by step instructions and photos to help you along the way.

See the link for all the details on completing this cute bubble blanket project…How To Make a Comfy and Colorful Bubble Blanket

How to Make a Rug from Rags

rag rugs

Did you know that you can make beautiful rugs from your rags? Convert those old blankets and sheets into rugs you can use all over your home. Little House Living has a tutorial on how to make rag rugs, and through the simple instructions given and lots of photos, you can see how easily anyone can do it.

To see the step-by-step guide on how to make a rug from rags, check out the link below…How to Make Rag Rugs

Repurpose Towels Into A Cozy Bath Rug

You can make your own cozy bath rug for cheap using gridded matting (sometimes also called blank latch canvas) and bath towels that you already own. This is an  eco-friendly project:)

20 Budget-Friendly DIY Home Decor Projects

20 budget friendly home decor projectsYou don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home. Painting one wall or cabinet using a stenciled effect for example can have a great impact in a room.

The World Inside Pictures presents 20 budget-friendly home decor project ideas you can do yourself. Head over to the link to get some inspiration from these 20 home decorating DIY projects…20 Budget-Friendly DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Built-in Bookcase Tutorial

built-in shelves

Built-in bookshelves are a nice idea if you have space for it in the living room, or any other room for that matter. They are not that easy to make, but with a detailed tutorial, it’s doable.

The Accent Piece came out with a four-part tutorial for making a built-in bookcase over their French doors. Lots of photographs show every step of the tutorial, which is a big help for those who would want to make the bookcase themselves. For a detailed tutorial on how to make a bookcase, take a look at the last part of the four-part series (with links to the other parts) at the link…Built Ins Part 4: Trim, Caulk, and Paint

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Build a Bookcase


Having a permanent bookcase can be a huge convenience in any home. Not only will your books and magazines be organized, it can be used to display other knick-knacks, too.

If you’re into woodworking, Popular Mechanics has posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a bookcase. Set against the wall, it’s not too complicated to make for those who have a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry. Check out the tutorial for making the bookcase in the link..How to Build a Bookcase

Easy DIY Photo Lamp Tutorial

Photo Lamp

If you need a gift for someone special but can’t think of what to buy, consider making the DIY project suggested by Who Said Crafts. Making a photo lamp that would show pictures of the special people in the recipient’s life would surely bring joy whenever the lamp is turned on. It’s really easy to do and it is also inexpensive.

If you want to make this lamp, go to the link for the tutorial…DIY Photo Lamp

How To Make Vintage Photo Pillows

The Pocket Full of Whimsy shares how you can make your own photo pillows in vintage style.

These would also make great gifts for friends and family because it is both lovely and personalized. I think grandparents would love this type of gift. To see how you can make vintage photo pillows yourself, click the link...DIY Vintage Photo Pillows

Old Door As Photo Display and Coat Hanger

The Photog Mommie blog shares this DIY project on hanging an old door with windows to serve  as a beautiful decor item. What’s great about this idea is that you can display photos and also use the door to add hooks and hold your coats. This could be a great idea to use in an entryway.

If you want to see details on how this project was done, click the link below…DIY Old Door Project

How To Make Easy ‘No Sew’ Burlap Curtains

If you are decorating your home on a budget and want new curtains, here is a great idea.

The Four Generations One Roof blog shares how to make easy ‘no sew’ burlap curtains. Window coverings can be quite expensive so you can save yourself a lot of money with burlap if you have a lot of windows in your home. Click the link to see the details on how to complete this DIY project to make easy, no sew burlap curtains...Easy ‘No Sew’ Burlap Curtains

How to Make a Burlap Bulletin Board

burlap bulletin board

Having a bulletin board is very handy in your home. You can tack anything on it, especially reminders of what you need done. You can certainly buy it from the office supplies store, but All Things Heart and Home suggests making it look better by putting a burlap sack on it. It certainly does look homey!

For the instructions on making this burlap bulletin board, hop on over to the link…DIY Burlap Bulletin Board w/ Nest of Bliss

How To Make Glowing Photo Luminaries

Glowing Photo Luminaries

This is an easy and affordable DIY project that allows you to make good use of your photos.

The Our Best Bites blog demonstrates all the steps on how to make these glowing photo luminaries. What a brilliant way to add a more personal touch to any room. See how to make these luminaries at the link…How To Make Glowing Photo Luminaries

Create A Beautiful Paper Bag Floor For Under $100

paper bag floor tutorial under 100

This is quite a creative way to do flooring! Ashley over at the Domestic Imperfection blog demonstrates a DIY project on how to create a beautiful paper bag floor for under $100. This is a cool project and you would never know when it is done, that paper bags were used.

Visit the link below to see this full tutorial on creating paper bag flooring…DIY Paper Bag Flooring Tutorial

How to Have Beautiful Painted Floors (A Tutorial)


Are you tired of your nasty carpet or linoleum floors? You can replace it with hardwood but if it’s too expensive for you, there are other ways to make it beautiful. One of these is to paint the floors yourself.

Lovely Etc. has shared an easy tutorial for painting your floors. They had a plywood subfloor in the living and dining rooms, and removed the carpet to be able to paint the lovely design they wanted. There are photographs too, to help guide you should you want to do the same renovation.

You can find the tutorial for painting your floors in the link...Amazing Painted Floors

How to Make an Owl Remote Caddy Pillow

owl remote caddy

Want to make this adorable owl pillow? You can put it on display in the living room and put the remote control in its pocket for an instant cute organizer.

The blogger from Dimplicity – Crafty Blog has shared the pattern, and the step-by-step tutorial is really helpful, especially since the blogger has also been generous enough to share a lot of photos of the whole process. If you want to make your own striped caddy owls, check out the tutorial in the link...Owl Remote Caddy Tutorial & Pattern

How to Make Antique Column Pedestals


Column pedestals don’t only look nice as an architectural feature, they also look good as decorative pieces in any living room–scaled to size, of course. Made to look like an antique, these pedestals would make a beautiful candle holder, among other things.

The blogger behind With a Dash of Color made three of these column pedestals one day when it was too cold to go outside. Based on her instructions, it’s not hard to make them; you can find the materials at any home depot. Her tutorial includes a lot of photos so you won’t find it hard to follow her instructions. If you want to make your own column pedestals, click the link to read the tutorial…Column Pedestals

How to Stain Wood Naturally

stain wood

DIY projects involving wood are pretty nice, especially if you can get them stained. If you’re worried about the fumes from conventional stains, you can use a natural one–coffee works just as great! Whole Green Love has posted a tutorial on how to do it, and the result is pretty much awesome:)

If you want to find out how to use coffee to stain wood, check out the link for the tutorial…How to Stain Wood Naturally with Coffee

DIY Low-Cost Baseboards and Moldings

diy baseboards moldings featured

Having nice molding around your furniture and around doors can make a huge difference in your house. It can look elegant and expensive, but if you can find the time to do it yourself,  it’s easy enough as a DIY and light in the pockets too. The Creek Line House has shared a post which shows what an inexpensive DIY can do for your home.

To find out how low-cost molding and baseboards can look like, check out the link…Beautiful DIY Baseboards and Moldings on a Budget

Easy DIY Stamped Clay Bowlshow-to-make-stamped-clay-bowls

Making clay bowls is a lot of fun with air dry clay. You can decorate it any way you like, and as a post from Gathering Beauty has shown, it can produce beautiful bowls that you’d love to display at home. You can display them as-is, or you can use them to store various knick-knacks.

If you want to make these gorgeous clay bowls, visit the link for the tutorial…Diy Stamped Clay Bowls

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

DIY Coffee Cup Holder

Having a coffee cup holder is such a neat way to decorate your kitchen and it’s quite practical to have your coffee mugs easily accessible:)

This project could be done in two days and is almost free because you are using a pallet. See all the details on making this diy coffee cup holder from the One Little Bird blog...DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

29 DIY Beach Crafts To Make Your Own Coastal Wall Art

29 DIY beach crafts to make your own coastal wall art

If you love the beach then having a beach theme for your summer decor at your cottage, beach home, or even where anywhere is home may be nice to have to display your love of the beach.

If you are crafty, you can make your own personal beach crafts. Get inspired with 29 different craft ideas from the Crafts by Amanda blog. You can get instructions for 29 beach DIY projects at the link…29 DIY Beach Crafts To Make Your Own Coastal Wall Art

More DIY Project Ideas

How To Make a Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

This is a super way to neatly store all your shoes!  Below is a video from Better Homes Aus that demonstrates the whole DIY project so that you can create a lazy susan for your own shoe organizing.

These storage units sell for just under $500 so it is much cheaper to do it yourself! This video is straightforward and easy to follow. Enjoy!

How To Create a Pretty Fitted Shirt Without Sewing

The Crafting Dreams site shows how to create a pretty fitted shirt without sewing.

This is so easy to do and so unique that I was so happy to find this and share it with you! By using an oversized shirt, you can create a fitted beautiful shirt by braiding instead of sewing. Click the link if you like this idea and want to see how it is done…Fitted Shirt Tutorial

How to Turn a Dresser Into a TV Stand


Sometimes we may have old furniture at home that we have outgrown and no longer need. Instead of getting rid of it, why not try to convert it to something else that we can actually use at home?

The blog At the Park’s, for example, has shown how you can turn an old dresser into a TV stand. As long as the materials are sturdy, you can definitely do it. Not only will you be able to reuse your old things, your home will also benefit from the newly refurbished furniture.

See the tutorial below on how to turn a dresser into a TV stand…Dresser turned TV stand makeover

How To Turn a Dresser Into a TV Console

This re-purposing project is a fabulous idea. If you need a TV console, you can use an old dresser that you already own or get one from a garage sale or thrift store for cheap. This tutorial on how to turn a dresser into a TV console is found at the Domestic Superhero blog.

To see the details to follow this DIY re-purposing project, click the link..Dresser Into a TV Console

How To Make Stools From Plastic Crates

stools from crates

Here is a great way to up-cycle plastic crates. The Eager Teacher blog shares a tutorial on how to make stools from plastic crates.

This can be done inexpensively and the sitting stools can also serve as storage. If you want to use them for an outdoor space, you can make them weather-proof by use shower curtains or plastic tablecloth material instead of fabric. You’ll need sterlite crates for this DIY project tutorial for these cute stools. See links below for where you can get some of the materials and the link for the full project tutorial…

Sterlite crates here , Chevron fabric here , Full project tutorial here

How to Make Sagging Cushions Look New Again

sagging cushions

Cushions sag over time, that’s a fact. The stuffing will settle somehow, and you’re left with something that you either have to get rid of, or take somewhere to be repaired. The Flying C, however, has shared a tutorial on how to perk up the cushions on your own, without hiring expensive professionals. The total cost was less than $40, much less expensive than buying a new cushion!

For the tutorial on how to perk up sagging cushions on your own, check out the link below…

*Update: The blogger’s website for this tutorial is no longer working but I found a Youtube video with some great ideas to fix a sagging sofa! See the video here.

How To Arm Knit a Blanket – Tutorial

arm knitting a blanket

Knitting a blanket without needles and using our arm instead sounds like a cool thing to make, especially if you don’t know how to knit.The Pink When blog shares an easy to follow video tutorial on how to knit a blanket using your arm. If you’d like to try this yourself see link for all the details…How To Arm Knit a Blanket – Tutorial

How To Make a Bag From an Old Pair of Jeans

Jeans-BagMaking a cool bag out of a pair of jeans is a great recycling idea and it is not hard to do.

Following the photos and directions from the blog makes this tutorial easy to follow. Make one for yourself or give one to a friend. Visit the translated version for this jeans bag tutorial at the link…How To Make a Bag From an Old Pair of Jeans

How To Make Easy Pillowcase Dresses

How To Make Easy Pillow Case Dresses

Here is a very inexpensive and cute DIY project. The 402 center street blog shares how to make easy pillowcase dresses. This project is easy to follow with lots of photos and instructions to guide you to make these adorable and simple dresses perfect for a little girl.

Click the link if you want to see exactly how to make these easy pillowcase dresses…How To Make Easy Pillowcase Dresses

Make A Washable Shopping Bag From A Vintage Pillowcase

The Grow Mama blog shares a tutorial on how to make your own washable shopping bag using a vintage pillowcase. What a brilliant re-purposed and eco-friendly project idea! This project is also great because the tutorial is so easy to follow with good instructions and photos to complete the project.

To see the tutorial on making this washable shopping bag, click the link…Vintage Pillowcase To Shopping bag

Repurpose T-Shirts Into Produce Bags Tutorial

The Ecouterre blog shares an awesome tutorial to re-purpose t-shirts into produce bags. I probably wouldn’t make the holes to big as shown since the material could stretch if the bag is too heavy. Cotton t-shirts would be quite strong but make smaller holes just in case.

To see this cool tutorial to re-purpose t-shirts into produce bags, click the link…Re-purpose T-Shirts Into Produce Bags

How To Make Your Own 50 Hour Candles

The Teotwawki blog shares how to make your own 50 hour candles for less than 2 bucks each!

It is always good to have some of long-lasting candles in case of an emergency situation. You never know when you will be left without power and for how long. These are also great for camping or for just outdoors. To see this DIY project for how to make your own 50 hour candles, click the link…Make Your Own 50 Hour Candles

How To Make a Stone Shower for $50

stone shower

Stone showers can make any bathroom look wonderful. The pebbles used can be painted to match the bathroom’s color scheme, or they can be used with their natural colors. If you have lots of time and/or patience, you can also transform your bathroom to have a stone shower.

Picklee has shared a tutorial for a DIY stone shower that only costs a little bit over $50. It took hours for two people to finish the project, but the end result was very much worth it! See link for the tutorial if you want to transform your own bathroom to have a stone shower…The $50 Stone Shower DIY

80+ Inspiring Ways To Upcycle Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are very inexpensive lumber and sometimes you could even get them for free from companies that use them! It is amazing what you can do with a pallet. There are a lot of decor items that you can make with pallets. From coffee tables, to bedroom headboards, to making a deck, room divider, pallet wall, and so much more.

Get inspired, make something, or share with someone on a budget who may love this idea. See link below for 80 + Inspiring Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets from the Dishfunctional Designs blog…Reclaimed Pallets Revamped (80+ Photos)

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