10 Best Noise Reducing Curtains That Work (2020 Reviews)

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Best Noise Cancelling Curtains

Sometimes all you want is a little quiet at home! But, with neighbors, traffic, and other passerbyers, it’s tough to eliminate noise from the outside. This guide on the best noise reducing curtains will help you decide which curtains to choose from that will block out background sounds.

We researched different models to be able to compile the following list which highlights ten of the best noise-blocking drapes available. These products are high-quality and look good too.

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If you’re in a hurry and want to know our #1 choice, it’s the Nicetown 100% Black Out Curtains. They have excellent reviews on amazon. They are heavyweight, helping to effectively reduce outside noise and they come in a variety of sizes and colors.


1. Nicetown 100% Black Out (#1 choice for the best noise reducing curtains) 

image of best noise reducing curtains nicetown

The Nicetown 100% Blackout Curtain is a double-thick drape that keeps out sunlight and UV rays. Heavyweight shades like these completely seal off your windows, making the room soundproof. These curtains are better at eliminating noise than your average single-layer pair, making them a perfect choice for a bedroom, and ideally for a baby’s room.


These Nicetown drapes offer a dual-layered blackout design. Complete with a black liner backing, this set is an energy-smart choice. They keep your room warmer during chilly winter weather and block out heat from the sun during the summer.

This pair is triple-weave blackout fabric, and are excellent at balancing the temperature in your room. These drapes keep out noise from your neighbors and help you to get a peaceful sleep as you deserve.


Just because a drape is blacked-out doesn’t mean it has to look ugly in your room. These shades have a selection of nice colors, including Lavender Pink, Teal Blue, Coral, and several more. Even white will work to blackout the room.



2. Miuco Room Darkening Grommet

image of drapes

The Miuco’s Room Darkening Grommet is an excellent choice of blackout drapes! This pair filters approximately 60% of noise, which means you won’t have to hear your neighbors or the sounds of traffic inside your room.


A triple-weave fabric construction makes these drapes perfect for filtering both light and noise. They are more energy-efficient than your average set and help to keep your room warm during cold weather. In the summertime, they reflect the sunlight away, which keeps you cool and comfortable.

You want a set that is easy enough to clean, and these drapes certainly are! Machine wash them on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on a low setting. It’s that easy!



3. Rose Home Fashion Wide Thermal Blackout Panel

image of best noise cancelling curtains

The Rose Home Fashion Blackout Panel comes ready-to-hang and includes one extra-wide panel per package. It measures 100″ wide x 84″ long, meaning it covers even the most significant window space.

This panel encourages a better sleep cycle by blocking out background noise. If you sleep during the day or want to buffer the sound from noisy neighbors, this curtain is an excellent choice to consider!


This panel is 100% polyester material. It features thermal insulation and significantly reduces both outside light and noise. You can easily hand this drape from either a standard or decorative rod, and the ring size is the average 1.6″ to 2.4″ in diameter.

Rose Home Fashion drapes come in a selection of attractive colors, including Burgundy, Navy, Turquoise, and many more. You can machine wash them and tumble dry on a low setting, though you should only hang them indoors.



4. Flamingo P Blackout Curtain Set

image of best soundproof curtains

Flamingo P’s Blackout Curtain Set offers 100% shading from sunlight and UV rays. Its double-layer design and luxurious materials make for active noise blocking and ensure you get the quiet you deserve.


This set is thermally insulated, which means they help with blocking out the cold during winter weather. At the same time, they also block the heat during the summer. This feature helps to keep your room more comfortable and prevents uncomfortable temperature changes.

These drapes are easy to clean, which is a nice feature to have! Machine wash them on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low for best results.

They come in several colors, including Navi, Khaki, Pure White, Wheat, and Indigo Plum, among others.



5. Utopia Bedding Room Darkening Thermal Insulating Curtains

This blackout curtain set is an economical choice and includes two panels in every package. It comes in several colors, including Burgundy, Chocolate, Olive, and Navy, to name a few.

Utopia Bedding Blackout Drapes filter up to 60% of outside noise and effectively block 99% of sunlight and UV rays.


These drapes are 250 GSM polyester fabric, which makes them durable and soft to the touch. Each set includes two panels that offer superior heat insulation and cooling during the summer.

They fit standard-sized rods easily and include seven hooks each for quick installation. Each panel is 52cm wide and 84cm long, which means they give you plenty of coverage no matter what size window you have.



6. Pony Dance Draperies Room Darkening Pocket Top

Pony Dance Pocket Top drapes are another budget-friendly choice! This set is perfect for blocking out unwanted light and noise from outside. The three-inch pocket top design easily fits most standard curtain rods, without the need for hooks.


Pony Dance drapes are more substantial, which helps them to better block outside light and noise. They offer thermal insulating technology that keeps heat out in the summer and warmth inside during the winter.

This panel blocks approximately 60-70% of light and helps to lessen the noise. These curtains are 100% premium polyester material, which makes them longer-lasting and soft to the touch.

It also comes in an assortment of colors such as coral, black, white,  beige, and more.



7. Deconovo Silver Coated Thermal Insulated Drapes

image of best thermal curtains

Deconovo Silver Coated drapes are 100% high-quality polyester fabric. They’re durable and long-lasting with eight anti-rust grommets each. These drapes effectively block sunlight and lessen noise.

The silver-coated side reflects sunlight and harmful UV rays, while the blackout side darkens the room. These curtains filter outside noise, making your home a quieter place to be.


This panel is 100% fabric but still block light and noise efficiently. It’s soft to the touch and looks incredibly stylish in any decor setting. Deconovo drapes insulate the room by keeping heat out during the summer and cold out during the winter. By regulating temperature, it can save you money on utility bills in the long run.



8. Flamingo P Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

image of flamingo thermal drapes

If you want noise reducing drapes that also provide a little more style details, this one might be a good option. Keep in mind, however, that you may be sacrificing a little bit of function for a bit more style. They do reduce sound, but not as effective as others such as the other Flamingo P curtains on this list or compared to others here too. 


Sold per pair, these curtains are made from microfiber material.Each panel is made with 8 vintage grommets, fitting well on curtain rods up to 1 1/2 inches. They come in three different sizes: 52″W x 63″L, 52″W x 84″L, and 52″W x 96″L.

These curtains can block out approximately 95% of sunlight because of the triple woven layers. This also helps to reduce noise.



9. WONTEX Thermal Insulated Curtains

These premium curtains measure 52″ wide by 84″ long (their largest size). They easily cover your window area and provide superior light filtering. This pair helps to block outside noise, making your home a quieter place to be.

You can choose between many colors, including grey, burgundy, navy, royal blue, khaki, among many others. These drapes look stunning in any room of the house and add to the decor. Because of the thick material it’s made from, it made the list as one of the best noise cancelling curtains.


These curtains offer super-soft fabric with ultra-thick triple woven polyester. Polyester is a long-lasting material that is easy to care for and won’t fade over time.

They provide superior shielding from outside noise and light while protecting your home and furnishings from harmful UV rays. You can machine wash this panel and tumble dry on a low setting, which allows for easy cleaning.



10. H. Versailtex Noise Reducing Performance Grommet Drapes

H. Versailtex Performance Grommet Drapes sell in pairs and offer two incredibly luxe panels. Each measures 52″ full and 108″ long, which gives you plenty of material to shield your windows.

This multi-functional choice is ideal for use in any room and performs incredibly well with blocking light and noise. Anyone searching for 100% light-blocking curtains will enjoy these sets’ powerful functionality.


Whether you need quiet to sleep during the day, for taking naps, or for peace of mind, you want a drape that indeed blocks light and noise. This option delivers on the promise of a quieter home and looks good while doing it. It is made for 100% blackout.

You will save money on your utility bill because they’re insulating technology regulates temperature. During the summer, they block sunlight and heat, while in the wintertime, they keep heat from escaping.



How To Measure For The Right Curtain Size

Before buying curtains, be sure to measure at home to be sure you get the right fit. Here’s a youtube video that can help you with that.


How Do You Stop Noise From Coming Through Windows?

There are a few things you could do to soundproof a room from outside noise.

First, you want to be sure to use one of the best noise reducing curtains as mentioned in this article.

Second, you need to be sure that any gaps and cracks in the windows are sealed.

Next, be sure to use weatherstripping tape on windows where necessary.

Lastly, if using the above tips does not help with soundproofing, you will need to replace your windows.


Final Thoughts On The Best Noise Reducing Curtains

This concludes our list of the best noise reducing curtains. The items featured in this article are the highest-quality available! They offer luxurious materials and pleasing aesthetics. Most importantly, these drapes effectively reduce noise levels inside your home, so you get the peace you deserve.

Things you should think about while shopping is the appearance, colors, and materials. You don’t want to buy something that will clash with the rest of your furnishings, so be sure to select the color carefully. The length is also crucial because you want them to cover your entire window to block out noise and light.

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