How To Create a Home Gym On a Budget (The 7 Essentials For Women)

How to Create a Home Gym on a Budget - 7 essentials for women

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Would you like to create a home gym on a budget and need to figure out what items you need to make it all possible? Read on to find out what home gym essentials on a budget I use and get some ideas on what to use yourself too!

I’ve had a home gym for as long as I can remember. It is just much more convenient and much more affordable to have a home gym. I have saved money by not having to pay for a membership fee at a gym, I can wear whatever I want at home, and I save time because I don’t have to commute anywhere! It’s also convenient to have a home gym as a mom of little ones because you can always do a quick workout when it’s most convenient for you.

Even if you don’t have a spare room to create a home gym on a budget, you can still set everything up in an area of your living space just as I do now!

So if you’re wondering what do I need for a home gym?

There are 7 items that I deem as home gym essentials on a budget that will help you reach your health and fitness goals working out at home.

7 Home Gym Essentials On a Budget

1) Yoga Mat/Floor Mat

Having a yoga mat is a must for me to do some floor exercises and even when doing some moves standing up as opposed to doing them directly on hardwood floors. I really like this All-Purpose Yoga Mat because it’s thicker than most yoga mats and you can easily fold it up and carry it away.

yoga mat

2) Dumbbells

I haven’t seen a gym without dumbbells and that’s because they are so effective in toning your arms and back.  I love this dumbbell set with stand. They have a comfortable grip and I use the 5 lb weights for my back and the 3 lb weights to tone my arms. Depending on your strength level, you may feel more comfortable starting with 2 lb weights and work your way up overtime. I used to use the iron dumbbells, but I find the neoprene coating on the weights allows for a better grip and feels more comfortable so that’s what I use now.

dumbbells for women

3) Mini Trampoline

I absolutely love having my mini trampoline as part of my home gym! Doing any type of impact movement on hard floor surfaces can really bother my joints so using a mini trampoline is awesome because it is less strenuous on my joints while still providing a good low-impact cardio and muscle toning workout. Kids even love the trampoline and can use it while you’re on your yoga mat 😉

4) DVD’s and Videos

I find that using DVD’s and videos can be a real motivator to workout because It’s like you are right in the gym with the instructor. A few years ago I was working out to lose weight and ended up losing about 15 lbs all thanks to both healthy eating and especially to using Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. She has different workout dvd’s depending on your body type. Mine is hipcentric.  

I had tried all sorts of workout videos and dvd’s and nothing worked as well as Tracy Anderson to transform the shape of my body while still looking feminine. All other workout programs would make my legs and arms bulky. I will have to write a blog post all about it!

If you’ve never heard of Tracy Anderson before, a good start is Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method . I have this too and it’s a book that explains her method along with recipes and a dvd at the back of the book to follow along, which is great for beginners.

I also like to do a few minutes of yoga poses and use youtube videos that I find to follow along.

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Hipcentric - best workout ever!

5) Jump Rope

Besides the trampoline, I love using a jump rope to get some cardio in my workout. Who says jumping rope is only for kids? 🙂 It’s so simple and inexpensive and can surely get your heart rate up! This fitness jump rope is lightweight and is perfect for any height.

6) Foam Roller

After a workout, the greatest feeling is using a foam roller to release any kinks, knots, and stiffness in your muscles. It’s really a multi-purpose item because you could also use it for exercises that require balancing, improve flexibility and it can also help improve blood flow.

I like to do a yoga pose called, ‘legs up the wall’ to improve blood flow to the uterus and using the foam roller to lift up my hips is perfect for this move. I love this high density foam roller.

7) Stability Ball

A stability ball is awesome because it works all major muscle groups in your body from your upper body to your lower body, including your abs. There are many different sized balls so getting the right one for your height is important. These URBNFit stability balls come in different sizes, colors, and even includes an inflation pump and workout guide.


I only listed 7 items above because these are the home gym essentials I prefer to use, but there are a few other home gym equipment items that you could get fairly inexpensively such as kettlebell weights, an aerobic step, and resistance bands to name a few other popular items.

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There’s no need to spend money on gym memberships when you can create a home gym on a budget! Using a mix of these inexpensive items above, you can add a good variety to your workout, reach your health and fitness goals, and never have to leave home:)

How To Create a Home Gym on a Budget - 7 essentials for women

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  1. Such a great read. Those items are really essential and budget-friendly to make a nice home gym. I always dreamed of having a gym of my own, but never get one. I have a pair of dumbbells and jump rope. After reading this it seems really easy to get the rest of the items and complete the gym. Thanks for the post.

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