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3 Things I Do Every Night (And Why You Should Too!)

3 Things I Do Every Night (And Why You Should Too!)

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It was months ago that I started to realize there were 3 things I do every night that were making a big positive difference for me the next day. When I didn’t do these things, my next day would not go as well.  I now make these 3 things as part of my evening ritual that must be done before I go to sleep every night.

If you find yourself struggling in the morning, still tired, and worried about all the things you have to do for the day, then I recommend you follow along with me and do these three things every evening. This won’t take up much of your time, it’s easy to do, and will set yourself up for a successful tomorrow for the next day.

3 Thing To Do Every Night For a Better Tomorrow:

1. Clean Your Kitchen.

I wake up more relaxed and happy when I enter the kitchen to make breakfast in the morning and everything is tidy. After the washroom, it is the second room I enter in the morning so having it all cleaned up the night before does wonders for my spirit the next day!

All I have to really do to clean up the kitchen is make sure the dishes are washed and put away before bed, the counters are wiped, and the floor is given a quick sweep. That’s it. It doesn’t take long at all. Time yourself. I’ll bet it won’t take you more than 15-20 minutes and it will make a big difference for you the next morning:)

Who wants to scrap off crusted food from dishes left from the night before? I sure don’t.

If you lack pantry space in your kitchen, see my how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry article.

2. Make a Time Blocked To Do List.

Another thing I do every night is write my to do list for the next day. It is quick and simple to do, it increases my productivity, and allows me to sleep better knowing I have a clear focus for tomorrow.

I write my to do list in my weekly planner for the corresponding day of the week and place the task in a time block.

Here’s an example of a time blocked day:

6-8am Morning routine (yoga, time to shower, have breakfast, get ready for the day)

8-12pm Work

12-1pm Lunch

1-3pm Work

4-5pm Check and respond to emails

5-6pm Prep and have dinner.

6-7pm Family time and make phone calls

7-8pm Recreational activity

8-9pm Social media

9-10pm Read a book

10-10:30pm Time for bed

So if I have to send someone an email, I will do so during the time I have blocked for that (example here is between 4-5pm). Your time-blocked day could look very different. This is just to give you an idea.

Making a time-blocked to do list will allow you to be much more productive, making sure you are not wasting away your minutes on unimportant tasks.

3. Go Offline 30-60 Minutes Before Bed.

I recommend turning off your electronics at least an hour before bed. Yes, even Facebook. We are so bombarded with information overload that our minds need time to relax so we could then go into deep sleep.

Studies have shown that light from screens in the evening alters sleepiness and alertness, and suppresses melatonin levels needed for sleep. This may be a good time to curl up on the couch with a good physical book and tea:) 

These three things I do every night have really made a positive impact on my life, and especially my morning. These three things are part of my evening routine.

A few months ago I also took the Make Over Your Evenings course and that became more intentional about how I spent my evenings. You can get more details about it here

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