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Looking for a job with flexible hours that also allows you to work at home? Do you like to teach people what you know? A good option for you would be legitimate work from home teaching jobs. These jobs can be of two types: teaching and/or tutoring.

Teaching is basically a more formalized job which requires you to have certain qualifications like a bachelor’s degree but to be a tutor, you just need subject matter knowledge.

Side note: Other work from home jobs teachers might be interested in also include proofreader jobs, transcribing jobs (free transcription training here), and working as an at-home travel agent.

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Let’s now discuss some companies online that can help you get the work from home teaching job you desire. 

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This is a website that recruits teachers to teach English to Chinese students between the ages of four to twelve. The teacher does not need to reside in a particular location of the world to be eligible for hire; they just need to be able to connect to the internet.

The classes are one on one in nature and are conducted on the company’s own portal. They give you the freedom to plan your own schedule and the pay is anywhere between $12-25 per hour according to Glassdoor, but each class is 25 minutes long. They have an entire payment breakdown available on their website for your reference. The payment is made on a monthly basis.

Requirements to apply for a job

To be able to apply for a work from home job with VIPKID, you need to at least have a bachelor’s degree and you also require some teaching experience. This is an essential requirement for applicants.

Application Process

The application process is broken down into five parts.

In the first step, you need to fill out an application form available online and then your application is screened by their recruiters for the basic requirements mentioned above.

Then, in the next step, there would be a one on one interview or a recorded interview where you would have to exhibit your teaching skills with a demo lesson.

After that, you would be expected to do your own research and learn about the standards and curriculum laid out by them.

You then move on to teaching a full-length practice class with the help of one of their teachers.

Lastly, you sign the contract (which does bind you for six months) and finish your verification by uploading your relevant documents.

Working for VIPKID, you do not have to interact with the parents, you do not have to create and plan your own course material, and you also do not always have the same students.

The course material is already planned out by them. You are just expected to review it before each class so that you can teach effectively.

You do not teach the same student every day because you are booked based on the time slot you have selected for yourself so anyone who books you is taught by you.

If you’d like to see some behind the scenes of teaching for VIPKID, check out this youtuber who goes into what her mornings are like teaching…

Apply for VIPKID here.



This is an interactive online platform that uses games and interactive stories to educate children. The platform caters to Chinese students in the age group of 5 to 12 years.

Each teacher gets paired with 1 to 4 kids and has to lead them through a 30-minute lesson. The teachers have to choose the time slots that have been set and defined on their website.

The minimum a teacher is allowed to commit is six hours a week. The lessons take place on the company’s own teaching platform and the curriculum is predefined.

The base pay for a teacher on Qkids is $8 for each short 30 minute lesson. They also have strict eligibility requirements for applicants.

Applicant Requirements:

1. Be legally allowed to work in the United States or Canada.

2. Be AA eligible but they do prefer BA.

3. Have prior teaching or tutoring experience

4. They prefer if you have an English teaching certificate such as TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or ESL.

Obviously, since it is a work from home teaching job you would require a good internet connection with a system with good audio-visual capabilities. Qkids hires exclusively from the U.S. and Canada.

You also have to submit your resume, specify your availability,  and send them a screenshot of the specifications of your computer system.

You are also required to send in a video introduction to introduce yourself, mention your qualifications and read a children’s story.

Hiring Process

For their hiring process after the initial screening, you have two demo interviews.

In these demo interviews, you basically showcase your teaching proficiency and answer a few interview questions at the same time.

After this stage, you would have a few trial classes which would range from 2 to 5 actual lessons with kids.

You get paid the base rate of $8 for these trial classes and receive feedback after the class. Simultaneously a background check takes place.

After you move past this stage, you sign a six-month-long contract with them.



K12 is an online public school that caters to students from the pre-K level to the 12th-grade level.

It has a carefully developed curriculum which the company claims to have developed with the help of subject matter specialists, researchers and other education specialists.

Jobs at K12 are virtual teaching jobs and although it is a work from home teaching job, onsite meetings need to be attended as a compulsory component of the job.

Most of the communication between the students and the teachers take place through email. The average pay has been shown to be around $39,000 for K12 teachers according to some reports. They also offer incentives like 401K, dental, vision, etc.

Requirements to teach at K12

Although K12 is an online schooling platform, the requirements to join are that of any physical school. The applicants need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and some experience in a teaching environment.

They also need to be certified by the state to teach at whichever level they are teaching. The applicant needs to put in a certain amount of hours in continuing their education to maintain certification. Most teachers on K12 have a master’s degree.



This is an online tutoring platform that performs intensive background checks and skills tests on all its teachers. There are multiple screenings and interviews. They tutor kids from the third-grade level up to the twelfth-grade level.

The payment ranges from between $10 to $12 an hour. You basically communicate with the students on the Brainfuse website itself and it is not always a one on one session. You are allowed to make your own schedule so it does provide a flexible work from home teaching job option.

Requirements to apply

The applicant needs to have a master’s degree or higher. The applicant must reside in the United States and have prior teaching or tutoring experience.

Application Process

The first step involves reviewing your resume. Then the candidates are screened to get a sense of their abilities and willingness to teach online. The next step involves a proficiency test to test the applicant’s knowledge with a simulated teaching session to test their ability to teach.

After this, comes the final step in which you have to undergo a thorough background check which is undertaken by a third party firm.

Once the candidate has been selected, they are trained in proper instruction methods. They also undertake a continuous evaluation of classes in order to maintain standards.


Connections Academy

This is an online public school which hires teachers based out of the United States only. They try to provide an online classroom environment using webcams, chat, and the use of whiteboards, etc.

They develop their own tools to make the online educational experience more engaging.

You would need to communicate with the students on their website itself. Although it does fall into the category of work from home jobs, you may be required to make some onsite visits from time to time.

Requirements to apply

The requirements would vary according to the post you apply for, but the general basic requirements would be a bachelor’s degree and a state teaching certification for whichever state you teach in.

The pay rate on this work from home teaching option depends on the individual application. An offer is made to the individual based on their past experience, educational qualifications, and special skills. There is also extra incentives and added benefits.


Concluding Thoughts on Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Teachers

In this article, we have focused on five good options that are available for people looking for work from home teaching jobs but there are more options available out there such as: Elevate Learning, Proximity Learning, Magic Ears, and Landi.


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