Best Toddler Learning Tower – 7 Options Reviewed (2021)

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Almost every toddler loves helping out when they have learned to walk. A toddler learning tower, also called a kitchen helper tower or a Montessori learning tower, is the best way to engage your little one in cleaning and other practical activities around the house.

The toddler learning tower brings your kids up to counter height, safeguards them from falling backward, and allows the kids to play, help cook, or eat. These are very useful in every household with a toddler.


If you’re looking to buy the best toddler learning tower, we’ve found seven that are worth it and provide some details on each below.

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This unique Little Partners learning tower for toddlers is dubbed as the Rolls Royce of the kitchen helper tower. Many people have bought this product and extremely satisfied with it. There are testimonies that reflect on the durability of the item, and how it stays useful for years through multiple kids.

Little Partners learning towers are one of the best kitchen towers you will find on the market. With a wooden design, the item looks pleasing to the eye too. Because the wood has a sturdy built, you can expect the tower to last longer compared to the ordinary ones.

However, if you have a narrow and long kitchen, the product may not suit your needs because it is quite large. But, you can use it in other places where it seems fitting. Also, the learning tower is a great height with an adjustable stool, and you can use them for various purposes.

This wonderful learning tower can be utilized by your kids in the kitchen and bathrooms, and for accessing things kept on the top. It is something that you can use every day and multiple times a day. Also, you can add an easel to its back for extra safety.

WHY WE LIKE IT – Keeping aside the amazing look of it, this learning tower comes with many safety features. It bonds with your kid and helps them perform their job nicely. Furthermore, the item has a design that is non-toxic in nature. Cleaning the product is easy.

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One of the top-rated learning towers for toddlers is undoubtedly the Guidecraft Helper Kitchen Tower. With an attractive foldable design, it ensures that your kids stay safe and secure. The product helps your kid raise above and has access to the top areas.

The legs of the kitchen tower are quite robust, and it won’t allow your kid to flip over. Because the learning tower is built of high-quality materials, you won’t be finding any kind of damages in the near future. Also, the tower is lightly weighted so that it can be carried from one place to another with the least struggle.

The design is appealing. Durability-wise, the Guidecraft Kitchen Stool is sturdy. That’s because the company has used raw materials of the highest quality.

The adjustable stool has the perfect design that provides safety to your child. You’ll find it hard to replace the tower with another one found on the market. It is easy to make the product movable and you can fold it flat when not in use.

WHY WE LIKE IT – The manufacturer has wisely included a chalkboard and wipe-off marker with the product. You can find them on their side. Now, your kids can make good use of it by writing and drawing on it. Kids are attracted to this feature, keeping them busy and out of trouble.

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This is another wonderful product from Little Partners and dubbed as Limited Edition Learning Tower. Developed and designed by a former Montessori school principal, this limited version of the item helps your toddler reach the kitchen countertop to encourage interaction. This way, it provides more interactions between parents and children. 

The design of the tower is such that you can keep it in various locations apart from the kitchen space. The product can be used for accessing things kept on top of kitchen counters, bathrooms, and other places. It is interesting to note that the item has an in-built blackboard.

Your kids can make good use of the blackboard to learn new things. On top of that, it consists of a flip chart with fitting clips on them. This feature helps you to increase the imaginative aspect of your kids. It is very easy to operate.

The product is rated as one of the best by many parents, teachers, and caregivers. It is perhaps the best stool for nurturing your child’s thirst for gathering knowledge and curiosity. What’s more, the item uses a lead-free and non-toxic paint, which is easy to clean.

WHY WE LIKE IT – The stable design of the item is what brings safety to the child. Crafted from fine wood, this limited edition kids learning tower delivers style, durability, and safety. It can adjust up to four different heights and supports around 200 pounds.

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4. CONTEMPORARY KITCHEN LEARNING TOWER BY GUIDECRAFTtoddler learning tower, pic of toddler on the tower


If you are looking for an adjustable, lightweight kitchen stool for your toddler, Guidecraft’s Contemporary Kitchen Learning Tower is a good choice. It has a unique foldable construction, available in three different styles, and has a range of colors.

The company has been manufacturing quality products for 50 years and they have the requisite experience to make durable kitchen helper stools. Your kids can safely reach the countertop because the item is made for the perfect growing height. Crafted with hardwood, the product has an appealing look.

You can adjust the kitchen stool from around 14 inches to 17 inches. Different color options are available for the product. Now, you can choose the color that matches the interior of your kitchen. It comes in gray, white, and ivory color options. The non-toxic coating on the item makes it safe for your kids.

Also, the paint protects the product from scuff marks and scratches. The stool supports up to a weight of 125 pounds. Your toddler can independently stand on the learning tower and enjoy every minute of family togetherness. Cleaning the item is very easy and you can wipe it down with a damp cloth.

WHY WE LIKE IT – This toddler learning tower comes along with certain safety standards. This includes the item’s mechanical, physical, and flammable properties, where they are properly checked by the American Society. The included safety net with click on and off functionalities are worth mentioning.

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Not all the learning towers for your kids are made of wood. And, if you prefer other materials instead of wood, this kitchen tower by Simplay3 may be the right one for you.

It is made with double-layered plastic, which is quite easy to sanitize and clean.

The tower stool comes along with three height adjustments. You can adjust the stool to 18 inches, 15 inches, and 12 inches. If you are thinking about sliding on the plastic material, don’t fret. The company has designed the item with nonskid rubber stoppers. This is done keeping safety in mind.

The Simplay3 learning tower is very light on weight and designed in a way to fit in almost every place. If your kids are between 1.5 and 5 years of age and weighs under 60 pounds, this kitchen stool is perfect. It provides good balance for your kid while they are doing certain activities.

Kids love to get attention while they are around their parents or others, and especially when they are in the bathroom, kitchen, or other places in the home.

Kids learning towers help them to learn more about healthy social interaction. It is best suited for caregivers in childcare environments and in schools too.

WHY WE LIKE IT – The build quality is something that attracts people, and Simplay3 is no different. The plastic body is light weighted and you can carry it around your home without trouble. The item has rounded edges and the rubber stoppers are nonskid.

It secures the base and prevents sliding of the tower.

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If you are looking for a toddler learning tower with a different design and convertible in nature, this may be a good option. The Convertible Helper Tower by Ette Tete is particularly ideal for people with limited space in their house.

You can easily tuck the product in your cupboard or in practically any part of your house. Because of the convertible nature, you can fold the tower and convert it into a chair and table. Or, you can use it as a learning tower. The build quality of the product is excellent and it is pretty hard.

Specially crafted from birch plywood, this convertible learning tower is hard and durable. The helper tower folds itself in the mid-portion and transforms into a table and chair with ease. Safe clasps installed on its side secure the tower when your kid is either standing or sitting in the table/chair mode.

As aforementioned, the product sits comfortably in limited living spaces. That means you don’t have to find a separate place for the helper tower, or the table and chair. Because you get two things from a single product, it saves you money as well. You don’t have to buy a separate table and chair setup.

WHY WE LIKE IT – One of the reasons why this learning tower is on the list because it is not an ordinary product. The most attractive feature of this helper tower is the ability to transform itself into a table-chair setup. It is convertible, which means you can easily alter the tower into a set of steps.

Apart from sitting, you can let your kid stand on it. This way, you can increase self-confidence in your child. Now, they can stand comfortably without the need for safety bars around. It is another great option for people who want their kids to learn about things in a detailed practical manner.

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When you are looking for a reasonably priced toddler learning tower, it is a good idea to have a look at this product too. It is another great product that has been selling online with lots of positive reviews. You can rest assured, you are going to get one of the best deals.

This learning tower by SDADI has a high lasting feature because it is made of good-quality wood. The tower provides good support for your kids. It has four side railings along with anti-slip grips. The wood is coated with lead-free, non-toxic, and durable material.

Children from age 18 months to up to 4 years can easily accommodate in the tower with complete safety. The kitchen stool has a high load-bearing capacity of around 150 pounds. With four different height adjustment options, you can control the stool height according to your need.

The product is very easy to clean and you don’t have to take extra precautions. The SDADI kitchen stool has the ability to handle hard situations so that your kids could learn new things at the countertop and make themselves feel important. The product is safe for your children even if you  in a small living space.

WHY WE LIKE IT – The price of the product is quite low compared to other products. Yet, it has features like that of an expensive learning stool. It is built strong and can support around 150 pounds. Also, you can adjust the platform, and you don’t have to buy another one in the upcoming years. Anti-slip grips on the base ascertain the safety of your kid.

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Here’s a demo video of the toddler learning tower from Little Partners :


A toddler learning tower is the best way to help your kid learn new homemaking skills in a short time.  Montessori families love learning towers because it can really helps kids learn to become independent.

The mentioned products are some of the best options to consider. All of the seven reviewed are good options. Hopefully, this post can help you narrow your choice to make the best buying decision for your family.

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