Why I Switched From Aweber To ConvertKit For Email Marketing

Why I Switched From Aweber to ConvertKit

Why I Switched From Aweber To ConvertKit For Email Marketing

I was using Aweber for email marketing for years before I switched to ConvertKit, owned by Nathan Barry. Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a terrible breakup with Aweber but I just loved ConvertKit so much that I had to share with you why I switched From Aweber to ConvertKit for email marketing.

I’ve listed 7 reasons why I prefer ConvertKit. Here it goes…

1. Easy To Use Interface

When you log into ConvertKit, everything is right there to access very easily. You don’t have to browse around to get to a certain feature and you can see how many subscribers per day over an extended period you are adding to your list.

2. Easy To See Conversion Rates

When I was using Aweber, I had to click through various screens to see how each of my signup forms were converting. But with ConvertKit, all of my forms are right on my homepage so I could quickly and easily see how my forms were converting and make any adjustments necessary.

3. You Don’t Pay For Duplicate Subscribers

Let’s suppose you have more than one signup offer and someone is subscribed to a few of them. In ConvertKit, you pay for them as a single subscriber (if they use the same email address). However, in Aweber and many other services, if one person is on two of your lists, you pay for two subscribers instead of just one. You shouldn’t have to pay more so ConvertKit is ideal because of this.

4. Automation Features

The automation features of ConvertKit are the best. This was probably the number one reason why I switched from Aweber to ConvertKit for my email marketing. They make it easy for you to add tags for anyone who clicks a link (so you can easily track what your subscribers are interested in) and you can even have someone automatically be signed up for another course once they finish one course. There are so many automated features you can use.


why_i-switched-from_aweber_to-convertkit-for-email-marketing-drica_limaAnother automation feature that’s great is that with one click of a button you can easily resend your email to all the subscribers who didn’t open your email. If you are using Aweber, it can be done but it’s a little more tedious to do.

I have to mention, one more automation feature I love is that after I create a blog post, I can easily choose which form I want to display at the end of my blog post with just one click. There’s nothing like that with Aweber.

Why I switched from aweber to convertkit drica lima

Here is what the form looks like (which brings me to my next point):

Why I Switched From Aweber To ConvertKit Drica Lima

5. Beautiful Forms and Landing Pages For High Conversions

You can choose from a few different options of forms to use. You can make your form in-line, modal, pop-up, or a slide-in form with just a single click. If you don’t like the look of the ConvertKit forms, you could also easily create a customized form with a few lines of CSS.

convertkit-forms-to-choose why I switched From Aweber to ConvertKit

I also really love the fact that ConverKit has their own landing pages you could use. Most bloggers use some sort of landing page service such as Leadpages to create landing pages as a place to send people to directly sign up for an offer but that would be an addition monthly cost on top of already paying for your email service. If you have ConvertKit as your email service provider, you don’t have to use a landing page service because ConvertKit has an awesome one already!

Instead of paying for an email service PLUS a landing page service, ConvertKit makes it cost-effective and simple for you by offering their own professional-looking pages that you could easily customize.


Here’s a look at one of my landing pages:

how_to_start_a_profitable_blog__landing_page___ why I switched from aweber to convertkit

6. Excellent Support

The support at ConvertKit is awesome. They get back to you quickly and they are easy to talk to and very helpful. They also have a good knowledge-base full of tutorials to guide you through the features that you want to implement. Speaking of features, they are also always looking to add more features according to any feedback they get from their customers and send email updates with what’s happening in their company.

7. More Value For Your Money

In terms of pricing, Aweber is cheaper to start at $19/month for the first 500 subscribers whereas ConvertKit starts at $29/month for the first 1000 subscribers. But if you plan to build a large list of let’s say 10,000 subscribers, with ConvertKit that’s $119/m and with Aweber it’s $149/m.

Also, keep in mind you get much more value for your money because of all the useful features that ConvertKit provides that doesn’t compare with Aweber.

The Bottom Line?

Both Aweber and ConvertKit are great email service providers. But if you are a professional blogger or you are working towards that goal, ConvertKit is the way to go. This is why I switched from Aweber to ConvertKit for my email marketing. Besides hosting and a premium theme for your blog, your first investment as a blogger should be on a ConvertKit account. Building a list of subscribers so you could cultivate a relationship with your readers and market to them is one of the most important things you could do for your business. ConvertKit helps you do it – simply.

If you’re hesitant, try it out for one month. If you are already using another email service provider, it’s easy to export your list and import it into ConvertKit.

I can’t say enough good things about ConvertKit. I know that with all of the fantastic features that ConvertKit provides, I have what I need in an email service provider to grow my business the right way.

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