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Why I Live Simply

Why I Live Simply

Today I want to share with you why I live simply. But before I do that, I want to be clear on what it means to live simply, at least for me. Your definition of living simply might mean something else. For me, living simply is living with less clutter – less stuff, activities, tasks, commitments, responsibilities, information, and noise (busy).I’ve listed six main reasons why I choose to live a simplified life.

By living simply I have more time and energy to take better care of myself. I eat better, sleep better and can find time to exercise. This allows me to be in a better mood.

Getting rid of a lot of my physical possessions has given me a sense of freedom. I spend less time fixing, cleaning, organizing and maintaining because I have less items.

Reduced Stress
Living simply reduces my stress and anxiety because I have fewer commitments on my calendar. My to do list is also shorter because I don’t have as many things to buy or fix since I am selective about the physical possessions I bring home. Having a shorter and more manageable to do list, also reduces stress. Less clutter at home when I look around, also relates to a more peaceful and relaxed space.

Quality vs quantity
De-cluttering my space has allowed me to keep only quality items that I love or find useful. I prefer to have nicer things that I can appreciate and that can last longer instead of having a bunch of things I hardly use and no longer value. A great book I read while decluttering was Marie Kondo’s book where she says when choosing to either keep or discard an item, ask yourself, does this spark joy?

A simplified life means I have more time and energy to focus on the most important things, people and activities that matter most to me like spending time with family, trying a new recipe, or reading a good book.

Improved Relationships
Since I spend less time focusing on stuff and more time with family and friends, my relationships with others are improved. You can’t have the greatest relationship with someone if you hardly speak to them or spend time with them right? You have to cultivate a healthy relationship with people that matter to you and the only way to do that is by spending time with them either in person, online or even through text messaging. The point is you have to take time to make those connections.

Here are some more benefits to living simply:
-Reduces careless spending, therefore you can save money
-Quicker and easier to clean my space
-Better life balance of work, home, and other responsibilities

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Do you live simply and can you think of more benefits to living simply? Feel free to share in the comments:)

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