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Beautiful Paper Roll Crafts For Fall

paper roll crafts for fallRecycling materials and using them to create other wonderful items is such a good idea for the creative individual looking for a fun project to do. You can use toilet paper rolls to create some beautiful crafts, including a tree branch art piece to display on a wall.

See the tree branches project and more paper roll crafts for Fall from Bonnie at the here: Beautiful Paper Roll Crafts For Fall.

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    For the crafty at heart, you can make some neat home decor crafts for fall. Here are a few cool ideas…

    Toilet Paper Wall Art

    This can be done with a blank canvas, spray paint, and glue. A simple yet beautiful wall art project for the fall season.

    Paper roll craft wall art, canvas


    Paper Pumpkin Decor

    Here’s a cute way to add pumpkins to your home decor without rotting pumpkins!

    You’d be surprised with how little is needed to complete this project.

    Recycled Toilet-Paper-Rolls-into-Pumpkins project


    Napkin Rings Craft

    This is a pretty and easy toilet roll craft for fall.

    Choose your favorite fabric, but neural colors are great to be used over and over.

    These napkin rings would be great to use for a festive Thanksgiving dinner party!

    Toilet-paper-roll-napkin-rings-craft project, rolls


    Paper Roll Crafts For Kids


    16 Cool and Fun Fall Kid Crafts

    paint with leaf

    This one particular craft using a leaf to paint a colorful tree is so cool!

    There are more great craft ideas for kids just like this one to explore. The blog – a little craft in your day, shares 16 cool and fun Fall kid crafts. There are bound to be more than one idea that you will like. 

    You can see all the 16 cool ideas for Fall kid crafts when you visit the link: 16 Cool and Fun Fall Kid Crafts.