5 Facebook Groups I Use To Grow My Business

5 Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business

Let’s face it, Facebook with over one billion active users, is considered to be the number one social media outlet today.  In particular, Facebook groups have become quite popular in recent years covering various topics and helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Today I’m sharing with you more specifically why you should be using Facebook groups and my five favorite groups I use to grow my business and blog.

Why Use Facebook Groups?

1.As an entrepreneur working online, you don’t often see people in person so Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals.

2.You could also find yourself collaborating on a project with others you connect. Who knows, you might just find your first or next virtual assistant in a group!  

3.You could support others when they have a question that you know the answer to and you could also ask a question and get an answer when you need help on anything business related!

4.You can promote your blog posts and freebie offers on certain days of the week:)


5 Of My Most Favorite Facebook Groups

I carefully chose these groups I’m sharing with you today because they are some of the best and I tell you why I love them so much. Some groups I use mainly for connecting, some I use only for promotions, and others I use for both.


online business bffs

This community is super supportive and highly engaged. It is a large group that now has over 45,000+ members. Whenever I have a question about something, this is the group that I turn to first because I know I will get a response rather quickly since there are a large amount of members and they are very supportive in there. If you use Pinterest, this is an awesome group to be in because Melyssa Griffin, the host is quite known for teaching all about Pinterest.

Visit Online Business BFFS (previously called Blog + Biz BFFS)



Blogging Boost

This group is great because they have every Monday as a promotion day for promoting your business. There is also a thread on Monday where you add a link to your recent blog post. Since I usually post every other Monday on my blog this is a great way to give my post the ‘boost’ right after it is published. Other members will use their social media accounts to promote your post or comment on your blog. In return, you also have to do the same for other members. This group has over 20,000+ members.

Visit Blogging Boost


Women Winning Online

I love this group because it is well organized with theme days for each day of the week. You have Motivation Monday, Winning Wednesday, and Fun Friday to name a few. Friday is when you can promote your blog post, webinar, product or service, your own Facebook group, Pin or Pinterest profile, Facebook or Twitter account. The members are very encouraging and the host, Jennifer Snyder is quite involved in her group. This helpful group is growing quickly at over 2400+ members.

Visit Women Winning Online


Pinning Aint Easy

If you want to grow your audience on Pinterest and get more traffic to your pins, this is a great group hosted by Jenn Leach where you could be involved. There are also threads for other social media platforms but it mainly focuses on growing with Pinterest in any niche. This group has over 870+ members.

Visit Pinning Ain’t Easy


Grow Your Blog

Last, but certainly not least (this may actually be my favorite of them all for promotions!), this group is all about promoting your posts and growing your social media following. You can drive traffic to your blog, your Instagram account, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it. You just have to make sure you have the time to reciprocate for others before you leave your link. This group currently has over 6900+ members.

Visit Grow Your Blog


  1. Great group suggestions. I may have to try a couple of these out. I use one of them now and love it.

  2. There are so many great ones, but these are surely my favorite. Thanks for visiting Marvina.

  3. I’m on a few of these but didn’t know about the others. Thanks for the list!

  4. Your welcome Ashish. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. I definitely am in a few of these. Thanks for the great blog post!

  6. I’m in all of these and you are so right…they are great. Ive made some blogging buddies because of these groups.

  7. I haven’t heard of most of these, I’m definitely going to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

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