A step-by-step system to increase your sales on autopilot while working less hours.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You’re working on your online business doing the right things like building your list and creating awesome content…

But then you realize, at the end of the month, you haven’t made much of an income after all those hours of work?

Frustrating, I know.

Well there is an easier way to make more money from your business without working more hours. Phew!

In fact, you could be making daily sales.

Here’s a look at my email inbox with sales notifications from one of my funnels in a small niche…

You want to make these consistent sales for yourself.

It’s exhausting to be spending your time working and hardly getting anything in return (that used to be me so I know!)

Do You Want To…

  • Find a way to turn your subscribers into happy paying customers?

  • Make more money in your business without working more hours?

  • Create an automated system to make consistent daily sales so you don’t have to pitch and hustle all the time?

If you want to take your business to the next level, then let me introduce you to my secret weapon, the ‘Forever Funnels Strategy Guide’.

The Forever Funnels Strategy Guide is my step-by-step system that teaches you how to create an effective sales funnel to make consistent daily sales.

No more spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out yourself.

Plus, this digital strategy guide also shows you how to make your funnel go on for infinity, so that you never run out of ideas on what valuable content and offers to send your subscribers.   

Here’s a lesson overview of what you’ll learn in the ‘Forever Funnels Strategy Guide’...

Lesson 1:  Planning Out Your Core Sales Funnel

Lesson 2:  The Main Offer

Lesson 3:  The Opt-In Freebie Offer

Lesson 4:  The One Time-Offer

Lesson 5:  Planning Out Your Affiliate Sales

Lesson 6:  The Email Sequences

Lesson 7:  Driving Traffic To Your Forever Funnel

Plus, you get action steps for each lesson so you know exactly what you should be doing every step of the way.

Who is Forever Funnels For?

>> Both new and experienced bloggers and entrepreneurs. The information is easy to understand and implement whether you are new to blogging or you’ve been blogging for years.

>>Those who have limited time to work on their business or want to still have a ‘life’ to enjoy doing other things. Creating an automated system is perfect for you. Once you have your system setup you will not only be making more money, but you will also free up more time to spend it however you wish:)

"Hi Drica, This guide was so helpful! While many bloggers are recommending expensive tools for setting up a funnel, you provide inexpensive and even free tools that work. Thank you!" ~ Sandra

"Just want to say your idea of creating what you call a ‘forever funnel’ is brilliant. Thanks! Why re-invent the wheel. I just added a few more emails to my funnel and it just took me a few minutes to do." ~ Tara

So you could continue trying to figure it all out on your own, wasting time and getting overwhelmed…

Or you could grab my strategies to get ahead and see exponential results in just a few weeks.

Forever Funnels Strategy Guide

This is a no-fluff strategy guide delivered in a digital pdf format. 

A zero nonsense, to the point, 37 pages of meaty content to get your sales funnel setup to make consistent sales.

Each lesson is followed by actionable steps for you to follow.

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Please note: All sales on digital products are non-refundable. It is yours forever, including any updates. Once purchased, the guide will be delivered straight to your inbox in a pdf format. Enjoy! If you have any questions, please contact me at