kitchen tips

36 Amazing Tips and Tricks To Help You Save Time in the Kitchen

There are many ways you can save time in the kitchen in preparing your family’s meals. has compiled 36 of the best tips in the kitchen that are guaranteed to help you. Some of the tips include the easy way to scoop up broken egg shells, how to tell if the egg is fresh […]

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stone path

DIY Cobble Stone Path

Cobble stone paths look great, especially if you choose a nice design. Did you know you can do it yourself? Home is Where They Love You has shared a tutorial for a very nice looking stone path. It doesn’t require a lot of materials or manpower and the tutorial is easy to follow. Go to […]

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gallery wall

Tips on Hanging a Gallery Wall

You’ve probably seen homes with hanging galleries by the staircase. They look great, don’t they? Our Southern Home will teach you how to make your own hanging gallery in their tutorial. It looks complicated, but it’s actually easy to do. For the tutorial on putting up a hanging gallery on your wall, check out the […]

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buttermilk cornbread

Grandma’s Buttermilk Cornbread Recipe

Grandmothers have the best recipes, everybody knows that. Kitch Me has posted the recipe for her grandma’s buttermilk cornbread, and it looks delicious indeed! It seems really easy to make too. If you want to use the tried-and-tested recipe for this buttermilk cornbread, go to the link below… Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread ———————–

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easter cake

Chocolate Buttermilk Easter Cake Recipe

Want to make a super cute cake for Easter? My Button Cake has the recipe for a chocolate buttermilk cake that looks like a bunny burrowing under a tree trunk! It would be a great hit with the kids. If you want to bake this unique-looking cake for Easter, go to the link below for […]

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print photos on wood

DIY How To Print Photos on Wood

A great DIY project that looks very nice in your home but doesn’t cost much is transferring a photo onto a piece of wood. The Art of Doing Stuff has shared a really easy tutorial where you only need a printer and waxed paper, no other specialty materials. It looks absolutely great! If you want […]

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