stop wasting food

11 Clever Ways to Stop Wasting Food

Most people waste a lot of food unknowingly, perhaps due to storage issues or laziness to scrape the last spoonful from the jar. Diply has suggested 11 ways to stop wasting food, from making banana bread out of overripe bananas and croutons from stale bread, to freezing leftover fresh herbs in olive oil for later […]

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Cashew Coconut Chicken

Cashew Coconut Crusted Chicken with Mango Honey Dip (Recipe)

If you’re fed up with fried chicken dinners, consider this very tasty alternative from Carlsbad Cravings: chicken tenders breaded with a mix of cashews, coconut, and panko, sweetened with brown sugar and coconut. It’s definitely delicious, especially with its mango honey dip! Your family will surely love the change. For the recipe to this tropical-flavored […]

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Sinus Infection

Effective Home Treatment For a Sinus Infection

While a sinus infection is not life-threatening, it can be a huge inconvenience. Rather than turn to medicine immediately, consider treating it naturally first. The blogger behind Surviving the Stores has tried a home treatment that was so effective it cleared up her sinuses within minutes. To know how to treat sinus infection without medicine, […]

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farmer's cheese

How to Make Farmer’s Cheese (Homemade Cheese Recipe)

For some cheese-lovers, the easiest way to get cheese is to buy it at the supermarket. If you want a bit more of a challenge though–and if you’re the type who wants to know what it is exactly you’re eating–you can make your own farmer’s cheese. It’s not that hard to make, according to the […]

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antipasto kabobs

How to Make Antipasto Salad Kabobs

It can be a challenge to give everyone the appetizer they want at a party. Some like vegetables, others want meat. Mantitlement thought of a perfect solution: serve an antipasto salad on stick. There’s definitely something for everyone there, including those who don’t even like salad! Visit the link below if you want to know […]

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10 Warning Signs For Gluten Intolerance

10 Signs of Gluten Intolerance

A lot of people suffer from gluten intolerance without knowing it. It’s possible even if they don’t have full blown Celiac disease. Simple Household Tips gave ten signs you have to look out for that may point to a gluten intolerance. If you have experienced them, consult a medical professional immediately. For the ten warning […]

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