caramelized pear

Yummy Caramelized Pear Oven Pancake Recipe

If you want to serve pancakes to family or friends, make it more delicious by including caramelized pear in it. The site Taste has a recipe for a caramelized pear oven pancakes, and it has been proven to be absolutely delicious! Get the recipe at the link below if you want to make these yummy […]

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bounce balls

How to Make Homemade Glowing Bouncy Balls

Glowing bouncing balls are a lot of fun. Instead of buying them, consider making them yourself. Growing a Jeweled Rose has a very easy to follow tutorial on how to make one. According to the blogger, it’s almost similar to slime, it’s just thicker. While it’s not hard to make, adults should supervise children closely […]

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squash Arch

How To Build a Squash Arch in Your Garden

Making arches from creeping plants is not so hard to do. If you have a garden and want to make this, you can try growing a squash arch. Get Busy Gardening has shared a tutorial on how to do this, and it actually has two purposes: to make your garden look more beautiful, and to […]

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canning recipes

50+ Free Canning Recipes

If you’re excited about the incoming canning season, you’d be more excited at the post shared by Creating Nirvana. The blogger has posted more than 50 canning recipes that you can download: from canning berries and cucumber, to fruits like apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. Find all other recipes in the post by clicking the […]

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hose holder

DIY $15 Garden Hose Holder

Watering your plants doesn’t need to be such a chore. Buy a hose to make it easier for you if you don’t have one already, and make your own garden hose holder as well. Shanty 2 Chic has posted a tutorial for a very nice-looking hose holder that the blogger made very quickly and for […]

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21 Natural Migraine and Headache Home Remedies

It’s not easy to have a migraine or severe headache. Once it attacks, it leaves you unproductive the whole day. Rather than keep on taking medications, consider natural home remedies first. The Nourished Life has shared 21 such ways to deal with migraines and headaches. Check out the link below for all the information you […]

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